I'm Back, Baby!

Yahoo! My blog is fixed. The fabulous Samantha had something come up and couldn’t finish the drama, so the ever-awesome Ang stepped back in and made my blog her bitch as she forced the evil internetz to yield to her mighty power.
In short: We’re back in biz at smutandsteff.com! Yay!
This weekend I promise to sort out the RSS feed, which I’m not sure is working or not for those subscribed at Feedburner, so bear with me a smidge longer.
Also, monster shout out… (get it? Halloween? yeah, pun cops come busting down my door and throwing my sorry ass against the wall… actually, that sounds like fun, but I digree) …to that hot thang Babecakes, who saved my ass when WordPress did something really weird after I tried to reset my password (it kept saying it had sent me a new password, but the email was empty… I was locked out!). The magic link? My buddy Ang took care of the dirty work for me since the universe had recently obviously been conspiring against me.
But… baby, I’m home!

Thanks, you fabulous femmes. Rowr!

2 thoughts on “I'm Back, Baby!

  1. Fran

    Hi Steff,
    I just got your feedburner feed working again – I was wondering why no new stuff was coming through for ages and ages.
    Just so you’re aware that others might not realise for a while, too.
    On the plus side I’ve got a whole stash of posts of yours to digest now πŸ˜€

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