Why Sarah Palin Scares Me

If you read me, and you’re a fan of Sarah Palin? I’m offended by your ignorance, and the fact that you deem me entertaining yet take THAT THING seriously. Don’t read me, please. It’s insulting. And educate yourself.
She is ignorant, uninformed, inarticulate, and frankly, dangerous. If you support her? You are, too.
Let’s talk about all the reasons I hate this woman. As much as I dislike that word, hate, this woman prompts that feeling in me for all the things she stands for, that I stand against. Few brands of people fill me with as much terror as someone like her.
For starters, rape victims were on the hook for part or all of the rape kits in her town of Wasilla. Her chief of police did it, and she never tried to stop it. Some reports state her town had the highest rape statistics in Alaska, which had the highest rape statistics in America. Now, there’s no proof Palin ever argued in favour of keeping this policy, but she sure as hell never tried to repeal it — which you’d think, as a woman, she might feel like getting on side of women, and as a mother, that she’d want rapists off the streets–whatever the fiscal cost. Gee, if you’re not willing to spring for rape kits so you can properly investigate whodunnit, I guess the same rapists stay in business, huh?
On the question of whether she would allow a daughter who was raped by her father and made pregnant to abort the baby, she said she would “counsel” them to “choose life”.
The woman believes homosexuality is a choice. In 2008. In the same interview I’ve just hyperlinked to, from CBS, she said:

But as for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I have one of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay, and I love her dearly. And she is not my “gay friend,” she is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice that I have made. But I am not going to judge people.

A man was beaten severely here in Vancouver last week, his jaw wired shut, surgery required, all because he was gay and holding hands with another man. Gays attempt suicide more than others. Do you REALLY think they’re going to CHOOSE a lifestyle that can result in such bashing and hatred? Do you really think they CHOOSE to feel compelled to be suicidal because they feel they’ve failed to change this thing about them? WTF?
She thinks Alaska makes one of the largest energy-producing contributions to America’s energy bottom line. In fact, she thinks America can be the new Middle-East, that the oil’s “there” and needs to be extracted. Um, no. It contributes 3% of the energy generated by the United States, and the US contributes only 3% of the world’s energy creation, yet consumes 25% of it. So, she’s no expert on energy just because there’s a few oil wells in Alaska.
And I’m sick and fucking tired of the whole “Yay, working mom!” bullshit that’s going on out there.
Where I come from, a mother who finds out her newborn’s got Down’s Syndrome, she’s going to adjust her schedule and be there for her child more, especially when she’s got three other kids. Where I come from, a woman has a daughter who’s 17 and pregnant, she doesn’t accept a position that’s going to throw her daughter into the limelight on a national stage. Where I come from, when a teenager gets pregnant, the fingers get pointed at the parents to say, “Geez, why didn’t you educate them better? Why didn’t you talk about condoms?” instead of rah-rahing them for being so hip and supportive of their kid.
This mother-of-the-year bullshit has worn way thin on me.
Then we get to the topic of religion.
If you’re a born-again Christian, not only might you want to stop reading this article, you should really stop reading my blog, because I think you’re a fucking twit if you think the world’s 6,000 years old. I think you’re a fucking TOOL. No, REALLY.
Freedom to believe? Freedom to be stupid! Am I politically incorrect? On this? Fucking right I am. And it feels great!
Sarah Palin is precisely such a tool. She believes man and dinosaurs hung out together! She believes we coexisted! Then, after some “undisclosed” passage of time, dinosaurs just went poof and the world became man’s. (She told one young Wasilla fella that she’d seen man’s footprints inside dinosaur prints.)
She belongs to a church in Wasilla, Alaska, that should scare the fuck out of any “mainstream” Christian. They speak in tongues! The minister ADMITS and is PROUD OF driving a woman out of his community in Kenya because she was a “witch” — or at least HE thought she was. Palin, like Bush, believes she’s been tapped because God Has a Plan For Her. Really? God has a plan for an ignorant former beauty-queen who’s got nothing to offer to the SERIOUS issues of the day?
This woman will be a heartbeat away from the presidency! After EIGHT YEARS of being ruled by a party that’s been bending over for the religious right — mostly because the discussion on “values” took the pressure off their failed war — we have this right-wing nutbag who never even had a passport until last year, has no understanding of the world beyond America, standing behind the guy who wants to be The Guy… who has had cancer four times, who’s got this disturbing new eye twitch, who’s become visibly disoriented in public of late — and there’s FOUR YEARS he’s supposed to sit in office? Alive? Good luck with that!
[Re: McCain’s health: The media had only three hours to examine the more than 1,200 pages his campaign released from his medical file — none of which were sequential or numbered, so the media couldn’t even look at it in a cogent, organized way, let alone in depth. When’s the last time you tried to read 1,200 pages of medical notes… in three hours?]
If you even think this woman is remotely qualified for this job, you’re wrong. If she doesn’t scare you, you’re not informed. If you don’t care, you’re a fool.
Palin is of the Bush ilk — “you’re either with us, or you’re against us” — but anyone who’s ever had any kind of a human relationship should understand that there are no black and whites in relationships. You can like someone but disagree with them. By ruling the country in black and whites, America has arrived where it is today — ostracized by the world at large, constantly in defense mode, with a soon-to-be $11-trillion deficit, waging two wars, with an economy on the verge of bankruptcy, all because the government in power tried to distract people from the real issues by making governing about “family values” and not about what’s right for the country and its bottom line.
Sarah Palin? Dangerous. Wrong. In every fucking way.
Get real. Never has a politician been more wrong for a time and place than she is for America now. Dick Cheney in a skirt? Worse. At least Dick had brains.
NOTE: I do not hate Christians. I just think born-again “the world is 6,000 years old, and our ancestors walked with dinosaurs!” are fucking nimrods. There’s a difference!

29 thoughts on “Why Sarah Palin Scares Me

  1. Anonymous

    I do believe you are the one that is FUCKED UP. Since you don’t live in the USA keep your FUCKED UP thoughts to yourself. Since I am the taxpayer and you don’t pay any taxes to the USA, you need to take your FUCKED UP ideas and put them in the pot that you smoke and stuff it up your ASS. You are one sick pussy.

  2. Scribe Called Steff

    Anon, it figures you’re voting for her, you narrow-minded hate-mongering motherfucker.

  3. Samantha

    Gee anonymous, mighty brave of you there with all those big capitalized words and all. So what is it with all you wingnuts with your spelling and broken caps-lock keys and such as.

    And you seem like a nice, polite young man who pays his taxes and all, what is it with this obsession you all seem to have with shoving things in people’s asses. Is this some new underground fetish we should all know about?

    I’ll stop with the difficult questions now, and close with this; I happen to be a citizen, pay my taxes (probably quite a bit more than you I would assume) and I happen to agree with pretty much every word Steff said.

    Now where should I shove my fucked up ideas again?

  4. Ang

    Ooh ooh!!! I know! YOUR ASS! LOL!

    Can I shove my FUCKED UP ideas up my ass too?

    The more I learn about the woman, the less I like. Steff, you hit it right on the head. (not up the ass)

  5. D.P.


    First, given the volume of international trade between Canada and the U.S., Steff does pay taxes to the U.S., through tariffs and such. I think that gives her a bit of say, according to your (illogical) “paying taxes entitles you to speak” argument.

    Second, per the U.S. Constitution, 1st Amend. “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech.”

    So she’s covered by the U.S. Constitution to speak freely about our country. Yes, our right to free speech does indeed apply to foreigners speaking about us–look up the case law.

    Third, according to Canada’s charter, Section 2(b): “Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: … freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression…”

    So she has the right to express her thoughts about our country from within her own country.

    Sorry, anon, she can say what she wants, and you should be damn happy she can. The U.S. established the freedom of speech in its Constitution, and other countries (Canada, for example), followed.

    If, however, you DO want less freedom of speech, then by all means vote Mcain/Palin, because there is no doubt they will continue to erode our (yours and mine) rights guaranteed by the Constitution in order to fight terrorism. (Reference the Patriot Act for that, and the case law.)

    And somehow, it seems to me, words have never killed anyone. Nor contributed to terrorism.

    Stupidity, ignorance, and the hatred of those from other countries certainly have killed people.

    Take a look in the mirror. See any stupidity, ignorance, and hatred? It’s there, looking back.

  6. Samantha

    d.p. Rational thought and discourse doesn’t work. Usually it frightens and scares them, sending them into a frenzy where often times they try to gnaw off their own testicles. It’s not a pretty sight, trust me =)

  7. Scribe Called Steff

    I shall, dude, I shall! πŸ™‚

    You’re a fucking wanker. Really. You are everything wrong with America. The rest of these commenters are everything right about America. Smart, openminded people who care about the country and not just some fucking ideological line in the sand, like your hick ass is obsessed with.

    I may not be American but I probably know more about your country than your ignorant mind will ever know.

    You didn’t say a goddamned sensical thing to refute anything I said. Which tells me you have nothing to refute it with. So, you collapse into name-calling and hating, because that’s all you know.

    What are you, 12? No, that’s an insult to 12-year-olds.

    What do you think, because you get all hating on my ass that I’m going to turtle and cower and go, “oh, my god, I shouldn’t speak!”

    No, what I’m going to do is keep banging my drum. Louder, harder, longer. Because people like you need to be stood up to. Because people like you are everything wrong with the world today — ignorant, short-sighted, angry, intolerant, and vicious. And stupid.

    So, you know, say what you like, man. I’ll intellectually kick your ass six ways to Sunday. Try me.

    Gayboy, you’re a goof. πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad you pay your taxes. πŸ˜‰

    You just have an ass fixation, I know it.

    Wow, great argument.

    It should be said, though, that the loudmouth in me couldn’t give a fuck if it’s supported by your constitution that I speak out against someone dangerous like Palin that could drag your country into the garbage pit, thereby destroying the economy of my country, your largest trading partner, and utterly dependent on your GDP.

    But you know that about me already. And you love it. πŸ˜€

    Anyone who thinks this doesn’t affect Canada, well, they just don’t know squat about it, do they?

  8. D.P.


    Exactly, that’s the best part! I don’t want it to work. I’m a professional antagonizer (college philo prof) at a conservative school (not by choice). I’ve seen many a gnawed testicle. And you’re right, it’s not pretty.

    The testicle-gnawing ensures they won’t reproduce. Score one for us.

  9. Scribe Called Steff

    DP — Okay, “score one for us” made me LITERALLY LAUGH HARDER than I have at anything in I don’t know HOW long. Holy fuck, was that funny. I even pounded my desk a few times and might’ve busted some blood vessels.

    Holy shits and giggles, Batman.

  10. Invisible G.

    OH. MY. GOD. The best slamdown of the year on Anon. If you plan on defending a position, it helps to be articulate and not have the brain of a monkey. Nuff’ said.

  11. Cynthia

    I agree with you Steff. The thought of her on heartbeat away from the presidency scares me to death!

    Anonymous, if you had any courage at all you would sign your name to your post. It seems you’re just another cowardly troll, of the rabid right-wing variety.

  12. Anonymous

    My friend told me about your blog. And with this post, I know I’m in the right place. I’d say more, but even thinking about that maniac makes my head explode into a million pieces.


  13. C.J. Strata

    In reference to the anonymous posting, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the thought process behind a post that hate-filled, irrational, and utterly pointless.

    In related news, my mind now looks like a slinkie.

  14. Scribe Called Steff


    Yep, “gutless turd” springs to mind.

    I know. Monkeys can peel bananas, for instance.

    Louder, harder, longer, anon. You know we Canadians love Oz too, right? Especially here in Vancouver. πŸ™‚

    I wonder if medical insurance covers exploding heads caused by brainless ideologies? Hmm.

    Giggle. Sproing!

  15. Scribe Called Steff

    NOTE TO EVERYONE: In the process of switching to WordPress, things have gone hinky, and hopefully in a day or so it’ll all be resolved.

    When it is? Hot new look! Yay! But… just a reinvention of this lovely place. πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry, same URL and all that.

  16. Anonymous

    No wonder McCain has started appearing with Palin in public where she might have to talk to other than Repub sycophants. We should start a piggy bank to buy McCain a nice designer leash … and muzzle.

    It’s time to play ‘spot the looney’!!
    Hopefully Palin will be the weight that keeps dragging McCain down, down, down.

    ( Once again Steff , You rock )
    And, happy belated Birthday,wishing you a funloving, pleasant year.

  17. Anonymous

    there are sooo many FUCKED UP things about Palin as well as McCain that I don’t even want to go into.

    One main one is that they bring up this crap about Obama linked to domestic terrorist (someone from the 1960’s) who the hell wasn’t speaking out in the 60’s??? When it has been documented the Todd-o belonged to a group that wanted Alaska to succeed from the Union (not an acquaintance of, but married to)

    Egad you conservative twits, Obama is not perfect, but for the love of god he is 20 times better than four more years of Bush politics!

    Voting solely off of “pro-life” is a narrow-minded ass backwards method of selecting someone to reside in the white house.

    separation of church and state??? remember that? idiots.

  18. Anonymous

    oh by the way, I bet McCain wishes Palin would drag him down (on top of her!)

    How about that for an ew!

    oh and Steff, you make my head go sproing!

  19. James

    Barack Hussein Obama is scary.
    Its not just Jeremiah Wright a hate monger, its not just Tony Rezko a convicted criminal, its not just Bill Ayers a terrorist… …its that time and time again Obama just says “oh, I didn’t realize that” and Americans are just suppose to accept that?? Does Obama have poor judgment or is he a liar??
    What exactly is Obama’s Black Liberation Theology that he has been learning for over 20 years http://tinyurl.com/3g57fb

  20. A Scribe Called Steff

    THAT’s your source, JAMES? Are you fucking KIDDING me?
    Read a newspaper! Read real news sources! Don’t watch some fucking propaganda from some questionable source and tell me that’s credible. COME ON. THINK FOR YOURSELF.
    Jeremiah Wright’s lost his fucking nut and has caused Obama to walk away from the church. His radical comments have been in the last couple of years, not throughout his career. He was a highly decorated preacher for a long time before he became a fundamentalist fuckhead.
    Tony Rezko is as much of a criminal as fucking Charles Keating is, but Obama was never found to have been in the wrong as far as dealing with Rezko is concerned; he never received anything directly, and anything he did receive, he gave back. Unlike McCain, who was INVESTIGATED by a committee for wrongdoing, and while not found guilty, he was reprimanded for conflict of interest and dubious behaviour. Naturally, he repaid all the more than $125,000 in “gifts” he got from Keating, whom he benefited by voting in his favour ON POLICY while in office, but he couldn’t repay all the vacations Keating took him on with his family. McCain VACATIONED with his criminal buddy. Obama can’t claim that distinction. Oh, and Cindy McCain has invested more than half-a-mill in a Keating enterprise. Oops!
    As for Bill Ayers, yeah, Obama was EIGHT when those crimes occured and he was on a COMMITTEE with Ayers along with a number of other notable people, including significant politicians.
    This is ALL McCain’s got against Obama — this is IT. So, yeah, he bangs that fucking drum.
    Unlike McCain, OBAMA has a financial plan. He’s got Warren Buffet advising him, while McCain’s getting advice from Phil Gramm who’s the fucking mastermind of all the deregulation that’s gotten the United States into the pickle it’s in.
    Come back to me when you have a real fucking argument documented with REAL facts instead of some goddamned propaganda newsreel made by hacks who are waving their politics rather than using their brains.
    Don’t tell me McCain’s squeaky clean. He only pushes his fucking ethics now because he knows how much he’s lost them before. He hired the team that DESTROYED him and massacred his daughter in his last campaign, and you want to suggest this guy’s all about integrity? He hired the most dubious, unethical campaign running teams in the business. He flipflops on EVERY issue. The economy’s strong! The economy’s cratering! He’ll govern according to the wind’s direction!
    The guy’s not a politician, he’s a motherfucking windsock.
    Obama scares you because he uses big words. Should I type slower?

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  22. Sarah

    I like Sarah Palin. I believe that she better understands the middle class in America. She faces challenges that many of us face. Some of these challenges are that her youngest child has Down Syndrome, daughters facing the financial challenges of college, daughter is pregnant, and her eldest son is fighting in Iraq for our American freedoms and rights.
    Palin’s husband is just a union worker and thus under Barack Obama’s tax plan she is also considered middle class.
    And everyone seems to criticize her because she is a woman. Everyday there is something negative on MSM about Palin. I give her respect for being such a strong and confident woman who comes from the middle class.
    Palin has the opportunity to break that glass ceiling for women of all cultures all over the world, stopping the degradation and objectification of all women. I know that she is not a Washington insider, but I hope she wins and changes our world for the better.

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