Just Another Whorey Sugasm (159)

I just checked out the Sugasm. It’s been a bit of a week. What can I tell ya? But it turns out the folk who do voting-type-things with Sugasm liked my schwag and I was one of the top three again. You know, it never gets old, so, please, by all means. Thank you.
I love writing. It’s who I am. It’s what I do.  I’d do it for nothing. Probably why I’m doing it for nothing. Hey, wait a minute. People get paid for this shit. I should look into that.
Still, I’d do it for nothing. And I love blogging. Not kowtowing to advertisers or cowering before editors is a pretty sweet way to keep it all pure and keep the love alive. Money would be nice. I’ll get around to that one day. Trouble is paying the rent requires job-type-things. Oh, bother!
So, because I do this for nothing, or its close cousins, “peanuts” or “tokens”, silly little things like being picked in Sugasm make me all warmy and fuzzy. Mm, warmy AND fuzzy? More, please.
(But, psst, cash works too. Oh, look, a Paypal button. Aka: Help Steff Afford Booze In The Great Recession Fund, ’09.)
Oh, just kidding! Sort of!
Here, eat some Sugasm, you’ll feel better.
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