RANT: You Think You're A Feminist?

I can’t stand elitism. I can’t stand the “we’re better than you” mentality. And I sure as fuck can’t stand when someone’s got to get their hate on just to get ahead.
A particular blog post from someone in the sex blogging community is ridiculously sexist and moronic in its simplicity, in my opinion. Because I don’t feel the need to sling mud and hurt anyone’s reputations, I’ll leave it anonymous.
The blogger in question had a shitty day. Some guy, after she admitted she was responsible for causing a car accident, mouthed off with “It’s always the woman’s fault.” Because of this, she turned around and decided to slag all “privileged white males” as being asses.
Now, if she’d gone and said instead that she WORKS with privileged white males who are all asses, that’d be different, but her post more or less painted all as the same, and THAT is something I have a problem with.
Here’s the deal.
Life’s tough. It’s difficult. We’ve got billions of people on this planet, and every one of us thinks we’re entitled in one way or another. We have to play well with each other.
You can believe in anything you want, but when it comes to getting six-billion-plus people onto a pretty even keel, the best way to tackle things is with a heavy dose of Immanuel Kant — whatever works for the greater good and the greater good would be served if we could all just get past this who’s-better bullshit and agree that we’re all in it together.
Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s not about being better than them. It’s about saying HEY, WE can do that too. WE are just as smart. WE are a part of the solution. WE can contribute. WE have ideas that can benefit us all. WE deserve equal pay for equal work. WE have earned respect. WE can be whatever we dream.
It’s not about “well, you had your time, MEN, and now it’s OUR time, so fuck off and die.” What is that bullshit, anyhow?
If you’re the kind of feminist who has to spell “women” as “womyn”, then I’m probably going to disagree with you, because when you even have to change the spelling of the pronoun, you’re trying to say you have NOTHING in common with men, that you’re entirely different, and thus deserve to be treated as such. Which… correct me if I’m wrong, is kind of what got us into this pickle. Seriously. Stick to the issues and get over the spelling bullshit, okay?
Which brings us back to the actual struggle for rights.
If you are gaining anything at the expense of someone else, then that person is still losing. The scales are still tipped — just in a way that caters to YOU, not them.
This isn’t about either side being victorious. It’s about finally figuring out a way to get all the paddlers in the same boat heading in the same direction. That’s all. The future of our planet depends on it! Look at all the problems we face — the environment, finances, human rights, food shortages, water levels. We NEED EVERYONE working on this shit. We need every idea we can get. We need teamwork, not exclusion, not hate, not division.
And, while we’re at it, the women hating on men? They’re not “feminazis”, and I’m sick as fuck of hearing that term, even though I LOATHE the exclusionist ways of those women. They’re EXTREMISTS, not Nazis.
I’m sick of the overuse of the word “Nazi”, period — whether it’s denigrating some dictator like Hugo Chavez or some militant person in charge of others,  I don’t give a shit — I won’t sling the word “Nazi” around like everyone else does.
Nazis killed 6 million Jews and more folk besides. Let’s keep “Nazis” exactly where they belong in history — as one of the most destructive regimes to ever rule — and not belittle the horrors they committed by slapping their moniker on people who are a little too gung-ho for our tastes just because it’s cute and makes those folk look meaner.
If you’re a feminist, great. Be proud of your sex, celebrate your abilities, and don’t let anyone tell you that you “can’t” just because it’s usually men who “can”.
But don’t go hating on men and thinking that makes you better than them. It just makes you a hypocrite. Want to be better than narrow-minded people? Then don’t be one.
Enough said. Get over yourself.
(Oh, and chauvinists can fuck themselves too. Extremists on both sides need to get over their shit and open their eyes. The rest of us are waiting.)

3 thoughts on “RANT: You Think You're A Feminist?

  1. Invisible Girl

    I eagerly agree with your position on extremists. This reminds me of the green debate where egos and assholes battle it out on what THEY think is required to save the planet. It’s time to push aside egos, pettiness and narrow-minded attitudes. What we need are solutions, so all ideas should be welcome! And all ideas should be discussed in a mature, focused debate, not sucky children in the sandbox slinging sand at each other.

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