A Posting About BumperStickers to Feed Your Dirty Little Habit

It’s been a weird week. I’ve written a few times, but just not for you. It happens.
I’m tired. Worked out twice today. The second time was a doozy. Did a pretty intense but short (7k) cycling sprint that had me spent after, THEN I did my second 30-minute set of intense plyometrics for the day. (First was at 7:30am.) When done, I was shaking all over. So, yeah, no writing tonight, either. I’m inhabiting a secret world of dread as to how my abs will feel come morning. Oh, lordie. Oh.
So, in lieu of a “real” posting, I’ll share with you a list of all my favourite bumper stickers I’ve ever had on either my vehicles or my laptop. I’m not subtle.

    Look busy, Jesus is coming.
    Let me show you how we do it in the trailer park.
    Trailer park trash.
    Use the force.
    I am a fucking genius.
    Read banned books.
    The last time we mixed religion with politics, people were burned at the stake.
    I think therefore I’m liberal.
    [picture of a tank] GO HOME.
    Yes, but not with you.
    Psychedelic State (in university lettering).
    (Evolve fish.)
    Satan works for ME now.
    Being hip is not enough.
    I’m the artist currently known as Starving.

I’m sure the list goes on but I hear my bed whispering. I love my bumper stickers. I’m relatively select about buying them. They’re usually political or anti-preachy. And hard to replace. Sigh. One day I’ll get savvy and buy TWO at once. One day. You mark my words.