Damn Right, It Feels Good

I’ve been remiss in mentioning a book the publishers Rodale sent to me at the end of the summer. I usually turn down offers of free products because I hate feeling obligated when it comes to writing reviews afterward, but when the rep told me what Debby Herbenick’s book, Because it Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction was about, that Herbenick writes about sex from a psychological place as much as a how-to place, well, I was totally interested.
I’m not much of a reader anymore, though, so the book has woefully sat there in the pile of “things I really do want to do, but wish I had the time to get around to” and NOW is the time. Some 25 pages in, I’ve scanned over the book, and while it may not be something _I_ will sit down and read in one sitting (let’s face it, it isn’t Harry Potter), I think it covers a fantastic range of topics and I’m really looking forward to being inspired by the way she tackles some of them.
So far, I think Herbenick hits all the right notes that most women need to understand about sex — it’s not just “well, if you put this here, it’s great”, but it’s not rocket science either. It’s mostly about overcoming your shit, being comfortable with your body, and being more confident about what sexuality is and requires.
Basically, it’s about reading books like this and learning more about yourself. I’ve found myself nodding about 20 times, just in reading the little I have and scanning the rest of the book. I’m pretty comfortable in thinking it’ll be one I’m happy to recommend. Too many sex books focus on too few areas, and too many expansive ones don’t talk about things in an accessible way. I think this falls in the middle.
Which, when it comes to sex, I find is a pretty good place to be. Let’s see where it goes. Instead of a traditional “review” posting, I’ll be writing a few posts based on the book in the coming weeks, and will review aspects of it in each.
Meanwhile, I’m off for Thanksgiving turkey! Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!