Mindfucks: $1.75 and Yer Good To Blow

After all the drama of yesterday’s posting, I weighed myself, and I’m exactly where I was 3 weeks ago, which is at a 7-pound gain after losing 72 pounds. But I have less muscle tone, though.
And I now remember washing a load of clothes on hot. Oops. Might account for shrinkage and the “AGH! WHAT HAVE I DONE!” panic.
Still, I’ve behaved badly lately, and today was stellar. Under 1,900 calories, three 20-minute exercise bursts, healthy food, all my water. This is good. A start. We like. I shall kick ass and take names. Again. In short order.
Really gotta watch that fucking clothes washer, man. Oh, the DRAMA. $1.75 and a cup of detergent can do a number on ya, baby.
Using cold water for clothes washing doesn’t just fight climate change, it saves your therapy bill.