Superbowl Ad Controversy: ARE YOU JOKING?

00030410Stop the sanctimony, PLEASE.
You know why CBS should have rejected the Mancrunch ad? BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING STUPID AD.
It’s bad acting, bad writing, cheap filming, lame directing, and zero spent on production values.
The Superbowl is where the best commercials in the world come to play, not stupid frat-boy humour shot for $20 and a bag of Kush, all right?
Gay rights activists getting panties in a twist over this ad have got to give their heads a shake. Seriously. I cannot even BELIEVE this has become an issue.
First of all, it looks like shit. I could’ve filmed a better ad with a 7-11 rental video camera when I was 12, in 1985, okay? They raided a Value Village for wardrobe, stole furniture from a thrift store, and filmed it with the cheapest camera set-up they could find.
Second, it’s an absolute stereotype. It suggests being gay is “catching” or something that happens on a whim, and not something that is a biological condition one is born with. It reinforces the ideas in the Stupid Asshats who think that being gay is something that can be indoctrinated or deprogrammed, depending which way you’re wanting to go.
Third, the writing is crap. It’s total crap. There’s nothing witty, it’s not fall-down funny, it’s not shocking. It doesn’t even look pretty.  It’s just stupid. It’s like the guys at Animal House were asked to come up with their best idea of a dating commercial for a gay dating site.
If Mancrunch is serious, then come up with a serious ad. This is crap. Put the fucking bong away, and have some serious ideas. Respect homosexuality, give it a little credit.
This is NOT CBS assailing gay rights. This is CBS standing up for the reputation of the Superbowl having the BEST ADVERTISEMENTS all in one brilliant afternoon.
As a fan of great and witty advertising, I applaud them for maintaining those standards.
You want to play at the big boy’s game? BRING your game. Don’t fucking phone it in with crap advertising like this, then play the “OOh, poor us, we’re being discriminated against because we’re G-A-Y” record yet again.
Shut the hell up, Mancrunch. Get a real ad. Then we’ll talk. And, activists?
Use your fucking brains. You should be offended by this attempt, too. For all you’ve fought for, THIS is how gay romance is depicted? As a stupid whim that can only happen when alcohol and impulse kick in? That it’s always meaningless and just a thoughtless act that happens? Yeah. Way to look out for your agenda. Way to support the stereotype that gay men are promiscuous and think only with their cock and nothing more.
This is not a controversy.
That everyone’s already forgotten about Haiti, that’s a controversy. Or a scandal.
So let’s talk about the important issues. All right? This is not one.
[PS: I agree with others that this is an obvious attempt by Mancrunch to get free word-of-mouth advertising. Way to fall for it, media.]

4 thoughts on “Superbowl Ad Controversy: ARE YOU JOKING?

  1. scatmaster

    What frat boy humor? A little misandric are we not?
    Stupid commercial yes. Frat boy humor no and I never subscribed to the whole frat/sorority crap.

    1. A Scribe Called Steff Post author

      How does not liking Animal House / frat boy-type humour mean I hate men, “Scatmaster”?
      No, I just like my humour to have a brain. That doesn’t make me MISANDRIST at all. That makes me sophisticated when it comes to humour, not some man-hating woman. Jesus Christ.
      That’s WHY I hate this commercial, because MOST MEN I KNOW are better than the football slobs they have in this commercial. Read what’s there, not what you PERCEIVE to be between the lines.
      Exactly, Larry Lilly. Thanks.

  2. Curvy Jones

    I vote no dating site ads at all. Valentine’s Day is coming up… I already have to look at Lee and Anne Marie every commercial break, liberally sprinkled with ads for Kay Jewelers and Jared, The Galleria of Jewelers. No dating ads, PERIOD. Make them good and funny. I don’t want to cry during the Superbowl. Single gay people don’t want to either!
    .-= Curvy Jones´s last blog ..Curvy Jones On: Sunday Stealing- Pretentious Blogger Meme =-.

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