Is Anybody Out There?

Sometime in the Spring, between Luke Perry’s death and July, this site went down and I never noticed.

Between the Luke Perry post and when I noticed my site I was down, I’d left Albania, hung out in London, crossed Great Britain by train, did a road trip in the Scottish Highlands, had beers in Vancouver, wine-tasted for six weeks in the Okanagan, played with my three-year-old niece in Edmonton, stayed with a narcissist in Ottawa, followed by a grieving kosher vegetarian lesbian with disturbing nude art all over my room, and then housesat a fat cat I had to entice up stairs for exercise with kibble.

Plus, I had to work for a living, find a home, buy everything from shower curtains to a vacuum, and learn a whole new city.

Oh, because I’ve moved to Ottawa. As I type, I am 7 days away from the end of 1,440 days lived as a nomad — just over 9% of my life thus far.

But all this is to say things change. Times end and new times begin. And that’s where I am, the start of a new beginning and a new adventure, a new me.

Without a revolving world around me, and with a new glorious home I’m on the cusp of moving into, I look forward to really diving into a writer’s life. I anticipate sharing more here, but I’ll also be editing an 85,000-word book I’ve written about how to live the nomadic life, especially for folks over 40.

I envision new blog designs and exciting times ahead. Watch this site.

Český Krumlov, Czechia.
That time I lived for three weeks in a tiny Czech hamlet as fall gave way to winter. Český Krumlov, Czechia.