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Bodies, Rest, & Motion

[Two postings, one day? Huh! Writing like this is better than any therapy appointment ever will be. 20 minutes later and I feel really free and loose. You may read this and feel bummed, but I feel great. This is what writing’s about. Getting places you didn’t think you could. It’s a good night.]
Short but profound realization that had me spontaneously break into tears and then suddenly feel relief. I don’t really understand it, yet, but since I’m into the wine, I also don’t want to forget it and think it could be interesting for others to read.
So I was sort of reflecting on a conversation from last night about why I should worry so much about my weight and my body, since I’m cute, but more importantly, I offer a lot. And I know all that, but I couldn’t really explain why it’s so important to me that I achieve what I want health-wise. And I don’t want anyone thinking that my pursuit to change myself is merely rooted in vanity, ‘cos I’m so much more than that.
Tonight, it hit me. Continue reading