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The Unfogging

People talk about “clarity.”
“Oh, I gained clarity.”
Sometimes I’ve said it. Sounds pompous, though. Change a word and it’s “Oh, I gained weight.”
Gained clarity? Did you eat a crystal ball for lunch? How’s THAT work, eh?
Tonight, I’m experiencing unfogging. Not clarity, just unfogging.
Don’t know quite what I’m seeing, but it’ll sort out, and quick.
There are shapes. Shapes are good. I can work with shapes. Guestimations and shapes. Done.
There’re an awful lot of times where I’ve felt stuck in murk and confusion. Then, the life premise has tended to be: Head up, eyes focused, and quick to react, ‘cos “quick” is all you got.
Forewarning? Whatcha think you got, a foghorn warning of impending demise, or something? Fat chance.
Life ever feel like that for you? Sorta my status quo for about 20 months.
But, hey, man. My last name’s Cameron. I’m an Irish-Scottish Cameron with a dash of Normandy-French. And oodles of wicked maple-blooded Canadian. Meaning, tough hardy northern coastal stock.
We know about fog. And foghorns.
Okay, okay, enough cryptic shit.
That back injury? This is the first time since about February I’ve had two reasonably decent nights back-to-back. Other things are coming together. I had a bunch of stuff that was conflicting between family/work obligations, and it’s magically sorted out tonight, giving me wide berth to do the life-stuff that we all need for longevity. Plus, tomorrow’s Friday.
The last time I can genuinely say life was all fun and awesome was August 13th, 2010. Shortly after, I got sick, then other shit, then the back, and it’s been 10 months of steely-eyed determination and one-foot-after-the-otherness. I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on other things.
Despite the back rehab and all that of late, I’ve begun to take on more, but with less struggle. Getting there. Change: This is good.
So, the fog’s clearing. I see a little more of the future. I like the part of the picture I see. I can’t see the rest. And I don’t care, because at least I have something to focus on.
Sometimes, that’s all you need.