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Heatwave Tip!

Vancouver’s caught in a beautiful sexy beast of a heatwave that has me dreading cyclerides to work… but loving it at the same time.
GayBoy taught me this trick a year or two on a barbecue of a day, and it’s awesome to use at times.
Just put 5-6 inches of cooold water in the bathtub and stand in it in your bare feet for a few minutes. Bliss! Cools you down completely. Without wasting a lot of water. (Think green, people!)
Better yet? Bring a beer and a book and take a seat on the side of the tub. (Naked works.) I’m saving this trick for before bed. Sans beer, sadly.

Ixnay the Equilatay, Eh? Second thought, pass the mickey.

Oh, god. I was so wrong about how my night would unfold. I think I’m still drunk.
It was 4:20 pm when I decided to just randomly text GayBoy. Our exchange went like this:

“We should get drunk this weekend.”
“Should we? What do you suggest?”
“I hear alcohol works.”
“People do say that. What type?”
“I’m cooking fish later, you want some? So, big btl wine?”
“I got cider and tequila at home?
“That sounds like trouble. So, you want fish then? If so, bring a baguette.”

So, he brought the baguette, a bocce ball set, a mickey of good tequila, and a six-pack of cider.
“I can’t drink tequila straight!” I argued. “We need to mix it with something.” He dismissed this as the whining of an ignorant child, but provided orange juice in case I really “want(ed) to be a sissy”.
Unbeknownst to me, it turns out that not only can I do the salt-lick/shot/suck-on-lime tequila drinking straight, but I can do it very… very… very well. Like, none of his hissing and teeth-grinding after sucking back a shot. More like, “Oh, that hit the spot. Another?” Continue reading