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Gay Bashing in Gay-Tolerant Vancouver

Some of us Vancouverites are PROUD of how gay-friendly this city is. I’m straight, and I think the fact that we’re one of the “gayest” cities in the world makes us, well, frankly, fun.
Yet even here there is intolerance. And if it’s here, then we still have a lot of work to do in the world. And that’s just sad.
Last weekend there was a gay-bashing. A few years ago a gay man was beaten to death and his killers are now free. This time, though, these fuckers are being charged with a hate crime.
Good. Here’s hoping gen-pop makes the fuckers their bitches when they land their hating asses in jail. I’m told they like virgin asses there.
It’s a few hours later, and… Sigh, I hate it when people are right (aka: when I’m wrong). This comment was just left by Sugarmag: “I share your satisfaction that gay bashers were charged with a hate crime, someone who would do such a thing deserves to go to jail. However, I really don’t wish rape on anyone, and I don’t really think you do, either. Not really.”
No, I don’t really wish anyone would be raped, even in this scenario. I guess I just let the venomous angst that this bullshit continues in 2008 (2008!!!) get to me, and in this liberal, gay-embracing city. What can I say? I hate hate.