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A Stupid "Political" Comment and My Not-So-Restrained Retort

So, I’m a shit-disturber. I usually put a muzzle on to keep the firepower to a minimum, but, fuck, that’s just not fun anymore. I figure I have more fun being a loose cannon and if that loses me a few readers but tickles the rest, then so be it.
After all, Dr. Seuss said it the best: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
That said, pertaining to my rant on Sarah Palin, a reader decided to leave this brilliant comment:

James, Posted October 14, 2008 at 5:53 pm
Barack Hussein Obama is scary.
Its not just Jeremiah Wright a hate monger, its not just Tony Rezko a convicted criminal, its not just Bill Ayers a terrorist… …its that time and time again Obama just says “oh, I didn’t realize that” and Americans are just suppose to accept that?? Does Obama have poor judgment or is he a liar??
What exactly is Obama’s Black Liberation Theology that he has been learning for over 20 years http://tinyurl.com/3g57fb

Well, I decided to inform James Ignorant Twit of just how much a goof he is for thinking it’s positing any kind of an argument. And that clip? At least I know when shit’s propaganda, dude.
Anyhow. My “comment” back to James wound up being a semi-inspired rant and turned into a lengthy post in its own right, and why make you work and go find it? I’ll share it here.
You should really read the Palin rant first and get in the mood if you haven’t yet. And if you liked that, you’ll love this. If you hated the Palin rant, well, sorry, sugar… you’re in for a long fucking three weeks.
My “comment” back to James, then, without much more ado (albeit I edited a couple of lines, heh heh):


THAT’s your source, JAMES? Are you fucking KIDDING me?
Read a newspaper! Read real news sources! Don’t watch some fucking propaganda from some questionable source and tell me that’s credible. COME ON. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Continue reading

Why Sarah Palin Scares Me

If you read me, and you’re a fan of Sarah Palin? I’m offended by your ignorance, and the fact that you deem me entertaining yet take THAT THING seriously. Don’t read me, please. It’s insulting. And educate yourself.
She is ignorant, uninformed, inarticulate, and frankly, dangerous. If you support her? You are, too.
Let’s talk about all the reasons I hate this woman. As much as I dislike that word, hate, this woman prompts that feeling in me for all the things she stands for, that I stand against. Few brands of people fill me with as much terror as someone like her.
For starters, rape victims were on the hook for part or all of the rape kits in her town of Wasilla. Her chief of police did it, and she never tried to stop it. Some reports state her town had the highest rape statistics in Alaska, which had the highest rape statistics in America. Now, there’s no proof Palin ever argued in favour of keeping this policy, but she sure as hell never tried to repeal it — which you’d think, as a woman, she might feel like getting on side of women, and as a mother, that she’d want rapists off the streets–whatever the fiscal cost. Gee, if you’re not willing to spring for rape kits so you can properly investigate whodunnit, I guess the same rapists stay in business, huh?
On the question of whether she would allow a daughter who was raped by her father and made pregnant to abort the baby, she said she would “counsel” them to “choose life”.
The woman believes homosexuality is a choice. In 2008. In the same interview I’ve just hyperlinked to, from CBS, she said:
Continue reading

Hi, I'm Steff, I'll be Your Blogger. Some Ideas I'm Considering… & Sugasm

So, I suck. I’m totally behind the times with Sugasm, and it would seem I was the top pick in week 144. Cool. To anyone who voted, thanks so much. 🙂
We’ll get back to that later.
I’m kind of in this whirlwind with a mental list of a thousands things to write about and I just can’t pick which one to run with.
In the next while, though, some of the things you can expect to see from me are a little more on my recent efforts in pursuing men. Like, why, after a veritable Sahara desert of dating for the last two years I suddenly decide I’m interested in dating, and I land 10 first dates in a month? I mean, is there something to the old wisdom of our ability to project our needs when we’re ready to really go there? What’s the deal? Why now, why so easily? Why? Not that I’m complaining.
Well, okay, I’m complaining: I still haven’t had good sex. I could’ve probably shagged, easily, half the dates I had, but why would I? None of them really smacked of being my type. So do I have the right to complain about not getting laid if I’m the one who’s opting out of charity fucks when they’re there for the taking? Continue reading

McCain's VP Choice

[Someone made a cute little comment on Twitter, about how amusing it is that Canadians care so much about the American election. Why do we? Because anything America does tends to affect Canada, that’s why. Protectionist folks want Bush, err, McSame, to win so our trade policies don’t get negatively impacted. People like me, however, are tired of the conservative climate that contagiously caught to Canada during the Bush era. My life has notably changed, my freedoms have notably changed, as a result of the oppressive climate down south. Our policies don’t affect Americans day-to-day so they never care about our votes. Americans affect us daily, ergo, many of us live vicariously through your happenings, because we know the tumble-down effect will hit us shortly. And how.]
Why should McCain’s Vice-President pick offend any thinking, smart women in the world?
He met Palin once, then decided she was the one. Just like that. Shazam. Experience? Pshaw! She’s cute!
But who is she really? Just a hockey mom with five kids who decides to be a toughie on finance in office as governor of Alaska, a state with around 300,000 people… after her illustrious career as a mayor of a town with 9,000 people? Is she just a gimmicky leader, like her stunt of selling the Alaskan governor’s airplane on eBay, then stuffing the proceeds into the state coffers and opting to fly coach?
She’s a woman so given to petty politics and favour-making that she’s under ethical investigation for trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from a high-paying state job in Alaska after the ink on the divorce with her sister has died. I mean, she’s UNDER investigation. It has not been resolved, she has not been cleared, and yet she’s nominated as a running mate? Yeah, way to vet her, guys.
If you’re a feminist and you’re sitting around thinking, “Oh, yes, but she’s a woman. She strings whole sentences together! Yay, women! Women rock!” then give your head a fucking shake, would you? Yeah, sorry, there’s no argument praising Palin you can make because the facts speak for themselves. She’s under investigation, has never done foreign policy, hasn’t even been in charge of a town of more then 50,000 people, or a state with half a million folks, yet if Mr. I-Had-Cancer-Four-Times and Will-Be-Oldest-Prez-Ever should kick the bucket in office, SHE takes over as leader of the free world? Well, at least we know she can get a good price for Airforce One.
When smart, powerful, deserving women get appointed to positions of power, it’s a compliment to women across the board. McCain could’ve picked Christine Todd Whitman, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Dole, Kaye Bailey Hutchinson, or any number of other smart, established women on the American scene. He could have. Hell, he should have.
Instead, he’s arrogantly picked someone who’s cute as a button, has barely any experience, and who’s an easy-to-sell all-American hockey mom. Unfortunately, she’s supposed to be pandering to the disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters… yet not one of her policies is compatible with Hillary’s. Oh, but she’s in the pocket of oil and gas, and I guess that’s always helpful if you want to be a Republican vice-prez.
I think it’s high time women be included more frequently in top level politics. We’ve shown we’re as smart, as innovative, as communicative, and as ambitious.
But choosing the cuter girl over the more experienced, more established, more credential-heavy, more proven women out there who might just be over 45?
That’s not the change we need. That’s the same old misogyny, just dressed up prettier for 6:00 sound-bites.
Obama’s right. McCain just doesn’t get it. Do you?