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Sugasm 136 & Hot Yurt Love!

[Okay, so it’s a few hours later, I’ve seen the movie, I’m disappointed, check the comments for more, but read my hyped anticipation first. đŸ˜› ]
Oh, colour my broke ass elated, minions! GayBoy rang earlier to alert me to a stunning development brought on by the generosity of a customer: Free passes to see Mongol!
Now, if you haven’t heard of Mongol yet (trailer), it’s the cinematic tale of Genghis Khan’s life. It’s apparently to Asian cinema what Braveheart is to Western cinema. Giggle! In case you’ve never gotten the memo, Genghis Khan was the greatest military leader the world’s ever known, and had conquered more of the known worlds than any other military leader in history.
And I know I don’t wax poetic about all things Mongolian on here, (I mean, geez, you have better things to read) but I cannot WAIT to see this movie and I’m so excited I get to see an advance screening. Continue reading