Steff calls "bullshit"

T. commented on the posting below. He said: “I don’t really think women deserve orgasms. Sure, I’ll go down on a woman, but it’s only because I enjoy it, not because her orgasms matter at all. When I was in my 20s, there was a lot of competition for women, and they could pick and choose. Now that I’m in my 30s, and since all the really good guys have been married off or are gay, I find myself in the catbird’s seat. Women these days are a lot less picky, so when I say, “you don’t really deserve orgasms” I can tell they aren’t happy, but will take what they can get. In other words, me.”

I say bullshit. I say you get what you give. I say I can make a man cum six ways to Sunday. But I don’t need to go above and beyond, and I sure as fuck won’t if you’re not willing to put it all out. You get what you give. And it’s still a crock to say something like that, but since I believe in democracy, I’m opening the floor to YOU, my lovely readers.

And if a chick said that, she’d get the same attitude from me. It’s bullshit. You’re involved with someone — you give them what you got. Period. Gender be damned. I’m sick and tired of the frickin’ “What’s in it for me” crap that’s everywhere today.

(Update: Turns out he was being silly and pushing for controversy [which I always enjoy anyhow] so I’d get as many comments as possible, thus hurrying the next segment of the Man’s Guide getting posted. Heh. Sadly, a certain someone still needs to WRITE it, so… Yes, it’s coming, no, not just yet. But I have the day off, so, maybe soon.)

Oh, and if you’re just kicking back and waiting for more oral delight tips, no, sorry. It don’t work that way. I’m waiting on more comments on the posting below, first. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m in this game for attention. It’s fun.

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