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I’m Steff. I’ll be your pilot. And this, this is my interstellar craft of truth and wit. Buckle up. There are no exits, fuck the front and side doors.
If you want celebrity gossip, this is not the blog for you. If you want comfortable postings that’ll fill you with happy fuzzy thoughts about the world at large, or self-help guru shit, this is not the blog for you.
When I write, I have a few goals in mind. I try to write the truth. Not in any kind of pretentious way, just what I know has been true for me. But mostly I write my take on the world at large, or my common sense approach to things like sex, relationships, and life in general. I’ll tackle politics when I think our personal freedoms are being infringed on just because some moralistic fucks think they have the monopoly on what is “right” in the world today, but don’t expect any treatises on economies any time soon. Sometimes I’ll just be off the cuff and ride a rollercoaster of irreverence.
I try to be original, but I’m borne of widely imitated styles from people like Hunter Thompson, or maybe people you don’t much read, like Paul Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, Philip Gourevitch, or Barry Farrell. I’m probably some alchemy of the strange reading lists to have made their way through my life.
I’m not one of these bloggers who’s actively out there whoring themselves and trying to become the Best Little Blogger In The World. I just don’t have the time. Right now, I write for me and I hope that somehow you’ll find something of value in it. I’m as honest and open as I can be, and I’m all right with sharing those things with you, but it’s a pretty empty process without your input.
We bloggers put a lot of our time into these things. Some blogs are worth their authors’ time, some are not. I would hope this one is worth mine. I would hope it’s worth your time to read it.
At this point, my blog is not monetized. If you feel like what I’ve written is resonating for you and want to “buy me a beer,” I’m happy to take donations through Paypal. That’s here.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nanci

    Jian vs the CBC- Best piece I’ve read on the issue and the most considered. I hope you’re working on a non-fiction book. You have a great voice backed by solid thoughtful references.

    1. Steffani Cameron Post author

      Thanks, Nanci! I’m actually compiling all my rants and editorials from this blog — there’s nine years of ’em — and writing updates on them and putting ’em in an ebook in the next couple months. Stay tuned, please. đŸ™‚

  2. Jill Coster

    Never come across your blog before – glad I’ve stumbled on it. Best thing I’ve read on the Ghomeshi story. Considered, thoughtful – ground me to a halt and has me asking myself why I have been feeling sympathy for Ghomeshi, why have I thought it’s his business, that CBC was in the wrong to fire him, that after all, no one “was hurt” during his consensual bedroom activities. Why why why was I so ready to believe him ? I know the answer to that as well as you. I too fell prey to celebrity idolatry.


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