(If you’ve been following my blog rabidly, you could swear this post keeps moving. Yes. It does, and Tuesday, it will disappear. Because of the IMPORTANCE of this election, I’ve been keeping it within one post of the top, and since election day is Monday/Today, I think it’s imperative people get off their apathetic asses and vote. It’s your COUNTRY. SPEAK. BE HEARD.)

Anyone who reads this knows I am a passionate Canadian, and this is addressed to my fellow country(wo)men.

Canada has a proud legacy of personal freedoms and social compassion. Don’t fuck that up by voting for the Conservative Party TODAY (Monday).

Gay marriage deserves to stay just as it it. My dear friend GayBoy has it right. Harper’s wish to change it to a “civil union,” to appease the religious types, means gays will NOT be equal. Changing the name isn’t just a technicality, it’s a statement. “You’re (not really) equal. (We’re placating you, you silly faggots and dykes.)”

Harper wanted us to go to Iraq. He has gone on record in front of American Republicans telling them their accomplishments are “admirable.” Take a look at the so-called “moral compass” of the United States right now, and decide if that’s who you want your nation’s leader to be emulating. I sure as fuck don’t.

I am Canadian to my fucking core. I live and die with the Maple Leaf. My life will cease within the borders of this hallowed land of mine, though I want to see the world around me, because this is my land. I’m proud of our human rights stance, I’m proud of the things my country stands for. I will not, cannot vote with my wallet. I abhor the idea of people voting the Conservative agenda in because they want a tax cut.

Tell me, those tax savings of yours — are they worth the price you’ll pay when it comes to saying you no longer live in one of the most free nations in the world? Certainly we have greater freedom than our American friends.

Harper wants you to vote the Liberals out because of the “corruption” scandal. Oh, and that always works. When will we fucking learn? Are we children? “We’re mad at them. FUCK them. We want the other guy!” The other guy comes in, and fucks us over worse. The Conservatives wrote the book on corruption scandals. “Airbus,” anyone? How about a side of Pot/Kettle/Black?

Yeah, the Liberals proved to be corrupt, but that’s because Chretien was an arrogant prick. I think Martin’s learned his lesson, was exonerated, and now they, as a party, have something to prove. Let them prove it.

Or vote NDP. Or vote Green. But Liberal is more likely to defeat a possibility of a Harper minority government. I don’t want the Conservatives ruling my life, I don’t want to lose freedoms to a guy on a crusade to be the moral arbitrator of this nation.

Whatever the fuck you do, EXERCISE DEMOCRACY. Get off your ass, park your apathy, and have a fucking voice. Democracy isn’t something that just happens. You don’t get to piss and moan unless you get involved. Earn your voice. Flex it. Check the goddamned paper box, and be a citizen. I’m sick and goddamned tired of people thinking voting is an inconvenience. It’s a privilege. Embrace it. Christ. Is it really so fucking hard? (/end rant)

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