Sugasm #29 (and a few words from le me)

I try to write daily. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if the sun is still being orbited by Planet Earth, that this lil’ scribe has indeed jotted some words down. Posting daily, though, that’s a goal, too, and it isn’t always met.

Today, I’ve started no fewer than three different writings, and thus far, they’re all beneath my standards. Sigh. There’s a wasted 90 minutes or so. I’ll try something again, but, but, but… I need — fortification. Yes. This calls for homemade blueberry muffins, my friends. Indeed. Cinnamon-oatmeal-blueberry muffins. Blueberry goodness. Yep.

(You have no idea how good my muffins are, man. None. Oh, ho. Don’t you wish you did? Second generation muffin mastery, right here. Back when I was a kid, we went on vacation, and neighbourhood kids broke in [the ladder being next to the window when we returned was evidence] and stole muffins from our freezer — Mom’s muffins — and sat down at our living room table, and ate them with all the butter we had left. They even had the audacity to leave the dishes out. Mom was “known” for muffins.)

So, yes. I shall make muffins and do my housecleaning. I’m sure a mood will strike. Won’t it? Later today, I expect to have somethin’ new. Check back tonight, I guess, and keep yer fingies crossed. Meanwhile, here’s some good shit to read elsewhere. Perhaps you should find yourself a muffin and indulge.

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