And then there were two: The birth of this blog

This is the new, improved World of Steff.

Consider this, then, Steff v2.0. Steff on “go” juice. Okay, no, not that. This is my new home.

The long and the short of it is pretty simple: I was interviewed on the radio and the hostess couldn’t use my blog’s name because it had a durty word in it. I couldn’t get listed in any non-sex mainstream blogs because I had a durty word in the blog name. Ironically, it was the name “Cunting Linguist” that first brought all my curious readers.

“Why, who’s putting the “cunt” into “Cunting,” I wonder?”

Me! Me!

Sadly, the gig is up. The name Cunting Linguist took me as far as I could go, and if I want to make a living from this, I need to take a fresh stab at things.

What kind of content will you get here? Well, much the same as at the Cunt. If anything, the posting freqency might go down, but that’s because I work 40 hours, have a podcast to record, and am now beginning to be more conscious of quality versus quantity, and I’m wanting the former but have been achieving the latter. The tables are due for a turning.

Issues that I consider of greatest interest to me, myself, and I include:

  • The unlikely ideal of beauty as portrayed by the media.
  • The struggle to love oneself and the importance of understanding your body image in the “grand scheme” of things.
  • Sex in politics.
  • Politics in sex.
  • Education.
  • Putting my spin on the world at large.
  • Having fun.
  • Playing safe.
  • Overcoming adversity/disappointment.

And some things I’ve not tackled enough: Life after abuse, coming to terms with what you deserve, having the courage to take chances, and some more things gathering cobwebs in the attic of my mind.

Yes, the Cunting Linguist will one day cease to be. For now, I’ll be first posting here and shadow-posting on the Cunt. But if you could update your links sooner rather than later, I would be an appreciative Steff.

Thanks for all the loyalty, people. It really rocks.

And speaking of the podcast: After three solid months of having one stupid technical problem after another, I have finally solved the issues. I’m now beginning to record, so it’s finally starting to feel like a reality. I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but since this is to be our first time getting together aurally, I wanted it to be something special, and I’m trotting out all my tricks in order to try and bring the bang I feel such a union deserves. Stay tuned. Thanks for your patience.

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