Of Vampires and Lovers: A Halloween Posting

There is no part of my body that better acts as a go-directly-to-“go” beacon than my neck. A pair of lips and some teeth and tongue on it just sends me into the stratosphere.

I’ve kept my hair short for three or four years now, and I’m hesitant to grow it any longer than my jawline for the sheer fact that I love having it easily accessible by the men in my life. I melt when it receives their attention, and I’ve seldom met a man I can’t melt when I give his neck a little of my own attention.

The neck is chock full of nerve endings, and it’s one of the tenderest parts of our bodies. Personally, one of my favourite ambushes is approaching the object of my affections from behind and dragging my teeth over his neck as I suck and nibble and flat-out bite my way across it. Maybe it’s a throwback to my teenaged Anne Rice addiction. I don’t know.

If I had to choose a supernatural creature I’d most like to run into in a dark alley, hands down it’d be Dracula. Preferably Lestat, though. I’d be sure to have a low-cut blouse and plenty of neck access available for the Count. Have at me, I’d plead. The sunrise is hours and hours away, I’d promise.

Lips, teeth, and tongue all push different buttons on a neck. From the nape to the jawline, every area of the neck reacts a little differently. Me, I don’t like anyone to focus on one area. Be an explorer. Visit all of me, you know? I’m sure I’m not the only person who’d like a lover to take out a Eurail traveller’s pass on my neck, shoulders, and ears. Hell, revisit as often as you like. I’ll issue you an all-access pass, if only you promise you’ll explore every nook and cranny.

Wow. I feel impossibly single right now. Me and my lonely neck. Fortunately, it’s All Soul’s Night and my chances of a supernatural visit are a smidge higher than they might normally be.

Where’s a Transylvanian count when a girl needs one, hmm?

Happy All Soul’s Night, friends. Photo is from a Berlin play, Tanz Der Vampire.

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