They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just gotten a glowing review from the incredible Jane’s Guide. I feel like a proud mama! Woot!

They said:

This journal is sort of a combination of personal diary entries and how-to articles related to sex. Steff is a confident woman that approaches sexuality in a pragmatic and mature fashion, but doesn’t let that lead to a lot of stuffy language. Some of the most worthwhile advice I’ve ever seen about being a good lover is here, “Being a good lover is: A) Knowing what you like, dislike, and love. B) Knowing how to express your needs. C) Being open-minded without compromising yourself, whatever that might mean for you. D) Not judging your lover’s desires, but being true to yourself so you’re not going to resent them after the fact.” Great advice! She has many other articles with titles like “Kissing: Oh So Telling” and “Bondage for Beginners”. I recommend this one wholeheartedly! – Vamp

This has been a great start to my day!!

Now, if you’re coming here by way of Jane’s and Vamp, please note that I’m just in transition and all my postings (except the “lesser” archives) are getting transferred to their new home at my new site — This site’s going nowhere, though. Please add S&S to your bookmarks as that’s where all my new postings will be showing up.

Also, I’ll soon be launching a new podcast, too. So keep an eye out for that.

Tee hee… I’m a happy girl. I’ve been trying to get Jane’s to review me for a while. Thanks, Vamp!

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