All good on a good day

Hey, peoples.

Checking in again. There’ve finally been some positive developments on the Dad Front. Reports indicate the battle of the bad bacteria is being won by a triple-hit of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Infections appear to be retreating, but it’s too soon to tell if the revolt is going to settle entirely, or if the battle will be stretched out for a spell.

Still, positive developments and we’re keeping an eye on things.

So, Dad’s starting to improve, in other words. I’m a pretty pleased kid today, and this is my reconnecting with self day.

I’m about to head out into the rainy dreary Wet Coast Sunday and make a dash to the cemetery, where I’m going to get some moody weather shots with tombstones and stuff. I’ve always loved moody, atmospheric black & whites that use weather and the winter season to set the mood. This has been on my creative to-do list for a few years now. Cross that one off, Bertha. It’s done like dinner. Then, speaking of food, off to the public markets for good fresh foods for my isolation dinner. To hell with people — it’s a quiet night in before another day at the hospital tomorrow. And muchos sleep for the third night in a row. Rest is awesome. Maybe I’ll soon lose the dark bags under my eyes. How unsexy.

Thanks for your positive thoughts, people. It looks like Dad’s gonna have another kick at the can. Let’s hope he appreciates it and decides to fight the good fight against diabetes. If not, well, hey. I’ll make do with it as I can.

Soon, we’ll get back to matters of the heart. Reality breaks are needed from time to time. Speaking of cemetaries and matters of the heart, I was doing a little writing during Harold and Maude. I’ll get that up sometime.

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