Just Checking In Again

Wow. Ever notice after a great period of stress, that when you’re finally able to relax, you’re just wiped right out? I am! I’m e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. Whew!

But that’s because I know I don’t need to worry about Pops anymore. Saw him yesterday and the dude looks 15 years younger! His hair’s gone all grey now, which looks distinguished on him, and his complexion’s clearer than it’s been in about five years. Dad’ll still be in the hospital another week or two, but the scary stuff has passed now, and it’s just getting that last little bit of healing in that counts. But having spoken to Dad finally, with him now being clearheaded and with his faculties intact, it’s official: He’s got a fight in him. Whew. And his diet that he needs to go on to get his diabetes under control has gotten a great kickstart — he’s lost about 50lbs in 10 or 12 days. Yeesh. I gotta get me an IV bag and some 24-hour bed care, huh? Where’s a cute male nurse when a girl needs one?

Speaking of cute, he had the most adorable doctor. I think the guy was a gross between Dr. McDreamy and John Lennon. He had a wrinkly suit on and hipster kicks. More importantly? Dad loves him to death. My dad’s always gone with the underdog, even when it comes with his healthcare. I’m calling his doctor Dr. Pampers, because I doubt he’s even 30.

Sadly, I’ve been kicked out before the doctor’s come in the last couple times. No flirting. Sigh.

Sorry, kids, but I haven’t wanted to do any writing — I’m flat-out tired. I’m SPENT. Utterly. I did some photography on the weekend, but now I need to catch up on sleep and rest. Stay tuned, I’ll definitely be feeling like writing once this exhaustion hangover goes away. Yawn. Grumble. And, to think: I need to work. Ugh!

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