Your Irony Hit of the Day

So, being one of those 300+something-days-a-year scooter riders, it’s not really that often I opt for transit instead of taking my trusty scooter out into the world. (Think Vespa, not Razor.) Today, the weather was shit, it was rainy and windy, and I’d been drinking a little last night.

Decided to leave the scoot home and be a safety-first gal and take the bus for a change. For my conscientiousness I discover this route’s a dollar more than any I’ve ever had to ride, living in the core of the city and now working in a ‘burb. (So, that’s $6.50 to bus for a day, versus $4.50 for a tank of gas that’ll get me to and from work for five days (and insurance is $21 a month). No fucking wonder I ride, eh?)

THEN… tonight’s bus ride home? A speeding car came flying over the line and SMASHED into the bus. Large bits of the car were strewn about.* An hour and a half later, and I’m finally home from my convenient, safe, “dry”, 23-minute bus ride.

Fuck this shit. I’ll brave the elements and wrestle fate. I mean, irony on top of ironies is, when I ride my scooter through even the torrentialist (I’m coining a word!) of rains, I’m always 100% dry under my Goretex outterwear**. I arrived at work wetter today than I’d have done had I ridden there.

*Shockingly, the car waited a couple minutes, then drove away. Wethinks he was driving a stolen vehicle or something. It was a weird, weird fucking case. I should start drinking soon or something. What a headtrip of a day!

**Somebody get this chick an editor or somethin’! Flub of the day: “Outterware”. Doh!

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