Celebrating the self

One more day. Then, gratitude to be Canadian & have a four-day weekend. Hurray for Easter! Long live the bunny.

My last weekend was a stupidly emotional one. My fault. Bad attitude and I let my fears get the best of me. My head’s screwed back on good and proper, and my coming weekend is going to be a self-love fest. Highly masturbatory in mostly the figurative sense, but let’s hear it for literalism, too.

Friday is a hot date on which I get to straddle a favourite friend. My bicycle, you dirty people, you. I’ll ride it long and hard and be reduced to a puddle of sweat, but I’ll be spent in the second-best way, and it’ll kick-start a great four-day weekend.

Some new-to-the-shore Asian guy asked me out today, but English is barely even his second language, so I smiled politely and declined. He was quite the sweetie, but I have a thing about being able to converse with suitors. Call me old-fashioned. It was cute — he came back to the school four times and finally sputtered his mangled invite on the fourth visit. Still, it gave me a nice grin and made my day. Very adorably flustered, this boy. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to fluster someone to such ends.

Seven years I was at my last job and never once was I asked out. Chained to a monitoring desk and wearing headphones doesn’t exactly render one well to the public. So, a nice change. Things are looking up there.

Hmm. The guy was kinda cute though. I should’ve considered his offer longer. Ha. Plenty of time for play in the months to come. No fear on that one.

Another 19 hours and I’ll be off for four days. Plans include: Bike, Irish pub with friends, A Day To The Self (Schedule as yet unknown — a photography & forest day, perhaps), Easter ham with the fam, and a lazy day of housecleaning and such. And in the midst, plenty of writing. It’s been a while since I’ve had a writing weekend. And, frankly, you deserve a little extra of me in light of my time off, don’t you think? (Mm. Ham!)

Hey, say “hi” or something. It’s been a long week. A little of the old readerly love couldn’t hurt any. :) (Happy long weekend, fellow Canucks!)