Aw, Now, Just Stop Wit’ Yer Kiddin’

Seems the cosmos is just toying with me. Batting me about like its little chew toy. And we are amused.

Found my iPOD. Where? This is weird. Inside a pair of shoes I never wear. So, if I never wear ’em how do I find it in ’em? Well, seeking my ugly eaten-by-bog-way-back-when sneakers for confronting a Definitely Muddy Westcoast Snow Day, I tossed the other pair aside and my iPOD catches my eye with a glint of light refliecting off of it.* Tucked oh-so-snugly into the toe of the shoe. What the fuck? Weird!

You cannot imagine my happy dance. I giggled and snickered and fell over on the floor and got up and happy danced and ran and stuck it on the charger. My first thought? “And I was so looking forward to an 80gig one.” Ha! But I love my mangled, thrashed first-generation iPOD mini. And I’m as content as hell to settle for it for a while longer. Sometimes size doesn’t count.

*My best CSI guess of it all is, I had my iPOD in my backpack after a day for the gym (this part I know) and chucked it in the closet. iPOD must’ve fallen out and slipped perfectly into the toe of this shoe. And it conveniently somehow became unplugged from the headphones so that no cord would lead me to my beloved green machine. Insert Twilight Zone theme here. COOL.

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