Feel Good Link of the Day

(If you ignore the torment and turmoil suffered by this man for 35 years, that is. Surely he’s not the man he was, and that’s a tragedy, but we’re not talking about such things here, now.)

In Pakistan, an Indian man named Kashmir Singh has been freed after 35 years spent forgotten on death row for a death sentence imposed on long-forgotten charge of spying trumped up in bad times between India and Pakistan. His wife has spent the last 35 years hoping for a change in fortunes, despite the death sentence, and despite never once being allowed to see him during his incarceration.

Now, against all odds, he has been pardonned for everything, and will be reunited with his wife tomorrow.

The couple’s marriage, they both assert, was always a love match, not an arranged marriage. As the wife said, “Why else would I wait?” She apparently has never given up on being reunited with her love… and, I, for one, am thrilled it is working out for them.

Nothing like a little old-fashioned romance to remind us what love can sometime overcome. Very nice. One of the stories is here. Another is here.

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