Where I am and What I’m Up To

I’m almost at the bottom of my first coffee at the ripe hour of 12:44 pm and a painting job staring me down, ugly end up, after a morning spent prepping for the event.

My bedroom’s a shithole of spackle, drop cloths, and walls crying out “Get me wet! Paint me!”

Me, I’m thinking “What the fuck have I done?” I’m tired NOW, man. Nonetheless, I’m about 5 minutes and 250 characters away from doing something about it.

Today’s exciting colour is Exotic Grass from the Debbie Travis line at Canadian Tire. It’s a very spring green, that colour you see on grasses by the river in the height of spring, vibrant and fresh. Later this week I buy a new bed and I’ll order the duvet off the net, too. Very exciting stuff. This colour’s both energetic and calming, so it’ll be a great palette for a bedroom, methinks. This will be the first time I’ve redone EVERYTHING about a room, so I’m just so stoked. It’s the boost I need to do what I ain’t got the energy to get done.

‘Cause, my living room… oh, god. Everything’s in here. It’s a disaster. I’m five minutes away from a psychotic break, I imagine. So… if you’re wondering where I am, if I somehow get lost in this self-induced madness (with great payoff, ask me in 72 hours) and don’t pop in for a boo, then you know where I am. Getting a lobotomy, having a hot bath, or painting. Then there’s the party tomorrow night, where I at least get to drink. But the rest of the weekend will be all painting. Fun!

God. Some days I think it’d be nice to be one of those lazy people who just puts things in places and doesn’t decorate. And then there are days like I’ll soon have, where I look around at the home that’s mine, and think how fortunate I am to be me. This is the thought that pushes me through this wearisome toil. Grunt.

Awwright. Lemme at that paint. Time to get it done, man.

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