A Weary, Weary Blogger

They say that you can’t really take on an active lifestyle without eventually getting onboard with healthy eating, and I think I finally understand why.

This past month, I’ve eaten hardly any fresh food — it’s all been processed, easy, or guilt-laden. I’ve found myself craving chocolate bars, something that, despite my weight problem, isn’t something I go after all that much, but I have been in the last couple weeks.

Yesterday was supposed to be Day One of The Healthy-Eating Steff, but helping GayBoy paint his living room made that come undone as he proceeded to ply me full of Timmy’s donuts and beers and martinis. (I had a healthy dinner, though!)

I did, however, get a healthy plan in place for my week. I’m going for high-energy, high-fibre fresh foods. At least three or four meals this week will include my homemade (baked, not fried, and low in oil) falafels I made (along with homemade tzatziki sauce that kicks ass), and I’ve found other recipes I’ll try for funky Caribbean salads with grilled salmon and such. Everything is to be a well-rounded, high fibre, mostly “fresh” meals (versus all-cooked), with lots of beans and healthy proteins involved.

Eating properly will change everything. I’ve been getting too active for the shit I’ve been eating to give me fuel. Living a sedentary life and eating crap is fine, but as soon as you’re cycling 25 km in a day or hiking stairs daily, it’ll take you apart at the seams, which is what’s happened to me gradually over the last month, thanks to the painting and everything else I’ve done.

I’ve become too active to be tired by my activities, if that makes sense. I’m getting fit, strong, and my endurance is greater than ever…. yet, I’m constantly lethargic. Being malnourished is the only thing that explains this lethargy of mine, and I’m glad I’ve got a plan in place to change that around.

Lucky for me, it’s going to pour rain all week so I can’t cycle in to work (aw!) but this’ll get me full of energy for next week, when the sun makes a big return. Besides, I’ll be able to do my stairs in the rain, and this’ll give me a chance to buy and swap out the new bike seat I need.

So, bear with me, minions, as I start becoming myself again over the next couple of days. Yay for nutrition. Enjoy your Monday. :)

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