Sally Kern Does NOT Speak For Me (Redux)

Sally Kern.

She did the one thing Nixon said not to do. Get caught. She’s not really sorry she flamed gays and lumped their sexual “preferences” in with evil like terrorism. I am not pleased.

I don’t tend to want to bring politics up too much. I think I’m putting that practice on hiatus right now. I think this is an important time with important issues, a time when we need important people to do important things.

We don’t need motherfucking hate-preaching political hacks like Kern taking up space in office when someone who really believes in the “land of the free” wants to do a stint of real public service, instituting change in a time when the public is demanding just that.

It’s time to really fucking think before we go ticking names off in elections. What do our candidates really, really think?

The Victory Fund is the GLBT organisation that outted Kern’s ridiculous hating speech– but they didn’t release her name. They issued this statement this week:

…Sally and her admirers [have] trotted out their favorite talking point—they don’t hate gay people, they love us and want us to change. Well, nobody who ever loved me talked to me the way she did when she compared us to terrorists and cancer. That’s not the language of love or even tough love. It’s the language of fear, division and yes, hate.

Across America, Sally and her friends in the anti-gay industry are backing narrow-minded, extremist candidates who want to implement her world view—a world in which gay people are encouraged to fake being straight or to simply disappear altogether. If you’re gay, or if you are related to or know people who are gay, you understand how dangerous and misguided that message is.

So my message back to Sally today is simple: Thanks, but no. We’re not going to stop listening to people like you. We’re not going to stop fighting to elect people who will stand up to people like you. We’re not going to apologize for living our lives honestly and with integrity, even if that doesn’t comport with your twisted views. It’s your right to say vicious things, but it’s our right to say you are dividing Oklahomans and Americans at a time when we most need to be united.

America’s a fractured country. So much infighting in recent years and finger-pointing led to no one noticing just how fucked up everything was getting. Now, America’s lost credibility the world over. A recession is in swing. Things are getting tricky. It’s time for people with solutions, not people trying to cause more problems.

The people over at have a slogan: “Freedom is the distance between church and state.”

There’s a lot of lip service payed to the notion of church and state being separate in the US of A, but I really don’t see that when I see guys like Bush and Huckabee wearing their religious sentiment so prominently when seeking office, and vowing to vote with their conscience.

I have a sticker on my scooter. It says “The last time we combined politics with religion, people were burned at the stake.”

And I don’t get these people like Kern who claim their faith makes it kosher to hate. I don’t get how they think rejecting something at the core of a person and demanding they change, lie, or simply suppress it is not at all what I always thought the “Christian” thing to do was.

That’s hypocritical at its core. (I may not be religious but I am a profoundly ethical person. I’m even honest on my taxes. It’s crazy shit. Makes for good blogging. I have shame but I’m too honest to deflect it.)

But people like that, they give religious people a bad name. Sorry, but fundamentalists usually suck. Highly consistent. Besides, I can’t respect anyone who literally thinks the world was made in seven days. Fuck, it took me three weeks to paint my apartment, man. That these Creationists don’t think their “God” could be capable of creating a world so complex and interwoven that it would take millions of years to unravel all its gifts and mysteries is so fucking insulting that I can’t comprehend how obtuse someone would have to be to swallow such kindergarten drivel.

Haven’t any of these people heard of an “allegory” or “symbolism”? “Metaphor”? “Duh”?

[record scratches!] Holy tangent, Batman. Well, there you go. Sally Kern just inspires me.

And if you’re a Creationist and you’re all offended now, boo-fucking-hoo. Save your time, don’t tell me about it. I got arguments from here to fucking Timbuktu and I will never, ever be saved. I don’t even have a Costco membership, man. I pay full price. Sad, but true. “Save” someone else.

Readers, readers, readers… Give yourself the gift of democracy and end the careers of any ignorant motherfucker mistaking religious sentiment with what a free person should or should not be permitted to do.

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