Sugasm 132 & The Not-So-Secret Reasons of Infidelity

I wasn’t going to post something today. My hand’s reacting from too much cycling and other events of late, and typing sucks, and cycling’s out for a week (maybe more) but hey… I just found out I was selected as a top pick in the Sugasm this week.

So, aw, shucks! Thanks for anyone who took the time to select my post, Fuck the Pope.

But what I really wanted to talk about for a second was this big-ass special they’re going to have on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight about why men cheat on beautiful, successful Hollywood women. They’re bringing out the big experts and tackling it like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ll give you four reasons so you can save that precious fucking hour of your life for something more significant than their bullshit.

  1. “Sexy” doesn’t come down to just looks. Sure, they’re hot, but, really, what are they like in the bedroom? Are they good lovers? Are they passionate? Do they have healthy libidos? Are they squirmish about sex? You can have rock-hard abs and a body that doesn’t quit for days, but it doesn’t mean you’ll ever know how to earn an orgasm out of your lover. That’s whatcha need skills for, baby.
  2. Which brings us to why guys like Hugh Grant’ll get with a prostitute over someone like Elizabeth Hurley: Because sex will often extend beyond the borders of what’s publically deemed to be tasteful. (I have no idea the particulars of their situation, so this has nothing to do with them): How do you tell a woman who likes only variation of the Missionary Position that you want to be spanked or dominated or even just spoken really, really dirty to? There are too many people who cringe and react negatively when they hear their lovers’ true fantasies. Shame is deadly in our lives, and being made to feel shame over what are supposed to be carnal desires, not sanitized preferences, is pretty sad. When you’re someone famous and that shame could be used as a weapon to take you down, it might be a lot easier to trust a professional prostitute than another tabloid beauty.
  3. People who aren’t perfectly Hollywood beautiful can be as sexy as the day is long. I’ve known people in my life who haven’t been “hot” but who’ve been sexy six ways to Sunday. I knew this one guy who went against everything I considered attractive, but I often wanted to just pin him against the wall and do dirty, dirty things. He oozed sexuality. With people like that, all you need is the wrong mood and the wrong time and you could cave in somethin’ fierce.
  4. Because even beautiful people can be shitty in relationships.

I mean, fuck, like it’s rocket science? If infidelity’s happening, something’s rotten in Denmark. Conversations are being left unsaid, sex isn’t happening the way one or both fantasize about it happening, or the camaraderie’s totally gone and someone who’s more of a friend can be a turn-on in a lover scenario.

But, hey. Everyone wants you to believe it’s always the cheating person’s fault. They want you to believe that being beautiful and successful is enough to make a relationship work, which is about as fucking moronic as it gets. Relationships rely on everything from the way someone smells after a workout to the furrows they make reading the newspaper, right on up to how they’re there for you when you need them and whether they make you moan and shudder.

I disagree with infidelity, I disagree with cheating as an “out” in a relationship that’s going bad… but I understand it happening.

But that’s another posting for another time.

For now, here, eat some Sugasm. You’ll feel better. Since this posting’s too long as-is, I’ll truncate the list. For more of the week’s Sugasm postings, visit the Sugasm blog.

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