Cyber Stalker?

Someone replied to my personal ad last night and I normally would have just deleted the email, but I was bored and wrote a one-line thing back telling him to send a picture. You don’t need to know the volley that occurred, beyond that I was pissed off from the get-go and spoke my mind.

Trouble is, you can’t always tell when someone’s joking online, and this guy seemed like a smart-ass at best.

Until my email seemed to be hacked this morning and was filled with disconcerting 12-year-old type emails filled with name-calling and mild threatening tones… sent from myself to myself.

I’ve already changed my password, but since this whole thing has me a little unsettled and it’s so sudden, I’ve changed my comments on this blog so that I’ll be moderating them for a bit, since this guy’s figured out this blog’s mine too.

But I’m apparently a bad attitude bitch who’ll never land a man. Just so you know. Maybe you’re all assholes for reading my blog, since I’m so transparently a cunt with no redeeming qualities.

Blah. It’s a long and complicated story, and I’m not going to get into it because, a) the situation has unnerved me, and b) the details don’t matter.

My Spidey-sense? Usually quite unassailable. My Spidey-sense said “Shut up. This guy shows controlling qualities found in most abusive people” and did I? Nope, nope, nope.

So, you, dear reader, should learn from my sorry ass. If someone makes you go “Oh, that just ain’t right” then back the fuck off. Just walk away. Like I would have 355 nights of the year, but I was bored. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Whatever. Passwords have been changed, comments will be moderated. Colour me a little less naive today.

Oh, and given that this is a case of cyberstalking — but the emails have stopped since I quickly changed my password — and it’s a little freaky, if you want to leave me tips for how to proceed, feel free. I’ve undeleted the emails and put labels on ’em so I have them, should I require them for legal reasons at all or anything.

Some people, man. Here’s hoping he has a life and finds a new way to amuse himself quickly.

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