Le Meme: Seven Things About Me

I got tagged by the irrepressible Jack of Writing Dirty to share with you seven facts about little old me.

Hmm. I’ve written a lot of factoids-de-Steff stuff over the years, so some of this might be recycled, but that’s fine with me.

1. I blog naked sometimes. Because I can.

2. I’m one of those girls who holds the door open for boys and girls of all ages. I’m big on “please” and “thank you” and yet fantastic with my reflexes for fingering drivers who piss me off when I’m zooming around town on my scooter. I am 100% polite whilst being 100% obnoxious. I think I have an inner-New Yorker. And I am at one with her. “Out of my way, bitch! Thank you!”

3. Since I’m sorta brain-dead I’ll hijack one of Jack’s facts. I’ve no piercings nor tattoos. I once pierced my ears but they decided to tear out all by themselves. My wee earlobe scars (barely noticeable) along with my scar on my nostril are my only scars on my whole body, even though I’ve been thrown from a horse, survived a motorcycle accident that should’ve killed me, and have been in about five car accidents with three of them totalling the cars I’ve been in. I’m still adorable. As for tattoos, well, I have a goal weight at which point I start tattooing, and I have three in mind. Thinking of “BELIEVE” down my calf, a really awesome text-art idea I have to design (think Book of Kells meets Betty Boop), and a small version of Edvard Munch’s “Scream” on my inner-thigh, and a “100% Prime Canadian Rump” official-looking stamp on my ass. Um, yeah, I don’t take myself that seriously. Ha.

4. It was an unruly stapler that caused me to move to the Yukon for a year. My asshat of a boss was too important to pick up inanimate objects he dropped when I was managing a photo lab and occasionally working the floor, back in the day. I was carrying a stack of 11×14 frames for a woman and stepped upon a stapler, my foot rolled; Next thing you know, I wound up with six weeks on crutches in my rural home, where I went completely insane and thought my life needed a new direction. Within three weeks of being back on my feet, I was living in the Yukon and managing a photography lab.

5. I’m almost the sex-geek-girl cliche: Went to Catholic school all my life, was a photo lab assistant at school, was elected as one of four student-teacher liaisons for my year in college, was an audio-visuals clerk in the college library, worked in a bookstore for four years, was always the delegated girl sent on conferences for the college paper, and I think the scooter I ride polishes my typecasting off rather nicely.

6. I hated school. I skipped class as much as I could from grade 11 on. I was in college at the age of 17, still skipped like a fiend, and graduated at 19.

7. I typically tested on IQ tests between 135 and 160 over the years, but worry I’m not as smart as I used to be after deciding to land on my head in a motorcycle accident. But like Sarah Palin, I grin and have dimples and make myself cuter when I’m confused. [giggle] “Can you ask me that again but with smaller words, please?”

And, I guess 8. is that I don’t tag people, so if you wanna do this, have at ‘er, boys and girls.

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