My New Swank Sofa!

This, friends, is my sexy new sofa. This thing screams “Make out on me!” Doesn’t it? At the very least, I should think. The leather’s shade is called “Sinatra Cream”. GayBoy and I already have a joke about how if it’s good enough for Sinatra to cream… Well.

This is that expensive soft and matte leather finish that keeps your skin from sticking to it. I do promise to test that theory at, um, length at my earliest convenience.

Mm. Leather. It smells so nice, too. Don’t think I haven’t considered how annoying all the dimples will be to keep cleaned out over time, but… They look so purty. So retro and upscale yet not.

Beats the fuck out of the piece-of-shit $185 futon I’ve had destroying my back for five years.

Can’t wait to see how the makeout test goes. Now, to make some opportunity knock. But that’s phase B. See, this weekend comes the clothes shopping. :)

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