Not Right Now: “No” on Gay Marriage

Amidst the euphoria of Obama’s rise last night, every referendum on gay marriage was voted down.

Gay rights activists are going to be broken-hearted today. I know. You want what you want when you wanted it. You want America to be ready. You think it’s so obvious, so elementary, so how could anyone who understands what love is reject your right to it?

45 years ago, a black preacher delivered a sermon on a mount. He was gunned down the next day, shattering hearts and minds around the world and reinforcing perceptions worldwide that race was a divide America might not be able to cross.

24 years ago, another young black preacher ran for the highest office of the land and barely made it out of the starting gate before two things became apparent: One, he wasn’t the guy for the job, or two, the time wasn’t ripe for black Americans to have that apple to pluck from the tree.

Less than 24 hours ago, a young black lawyer led his party to one of the most decisive political victories of modern times in a vote heard, and cheered, all around the world.


Ten years ago, a young man named Matthew Shepherd was beaten nearly to death and then left to die hung up on a Wyoming fence.

How far in this gay-rights struggle do you think we are? How long a road has really been travelled, when you compare it to the struggles of blacks in America? Does that make it right that these proposals were struck down? Not at all.

Change takes time. The discussion on gay marriage will continue. Progress will be had. Keep up the fight.

I didn’t think America was ready for Obama. I haven’t believed America was ready for gay marriage. I’m sorry I wasn’t wrong twice.

But that will change. Gay rights in America have come a long, long ways since Matthew Shepherd. Who’d have thought we’d be so close to even possibly approving gay marriage within just 10 years in those days following the discovery of Shepherd’s lifeless fence-strung body?

If there’s any consolation to take to heart, it’s this: On January 20th, 2009, a new era of inclusion, acceptance, and dreaming a bigger dream will officially be reined in. If ever there’s a climate in which gay marriage can succeed, it will be under Obama.

No today doesn’t mean no always. It means not right now. Victory will be had. Just look at what happened in Chicago tonight, 45 years after MLK’s untimely death.

It ain’t really no. It’s just not right now. So, you gotta ask yourself. Who’s got more staying power on this issue — the people peddling fear and intolerance and voting these things down, or those who believe in the good of people and the equality of love for all?

Yeah, I think so too. Now remember your answer.

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