Touching Bases as The Insanity Continues

Hi, world.

I’ve been swirling in overtime for two weeks now, and there’s a huge relief that swelled inside me when I woke up on this Friday morning and realized two things: One, I slept well. Two, I’ve survived this week.

Survival, Darwin would tell you, is achieved only by the fittest. These days, I don’t particularly feel that’s a crowd I’ve been keeping up with. But I’m getting there!

Wednesday night was nice, my bosses got into a “Gee, Steff, you’re looking so hip these days!” round of compliments when I wore my cute new top that day. And I guess I am. Still not quite what I’d be picking out if EVERYTHING was at my disposal, but I’m looking more myself than I have in years.

Why? Because clothing manufacturers apparently think you can’t be cool and into punk and culture and style if you’re bigger than a size 18.

The smaller I get, the more possibility of expressing MYSELF through my image becomes available to me.

This is good. Because I’m cool. The world needs to know it!

Anyhow. I’m just writing to say hi. I know you’re out there. I’ve been tired, overworked both at home and at work, and really haven’t had any time to myself since about three weeks ago. The last thing, unfortunately, I’ve had time for is writing. Besides, when I’m running around frenetically, panicking, overworking, I can’t tap into that place of stillness one needs to hit for quality writing.

After December 26th, I’ll have more time available to just chill and be me, thanks to having my first 12-day break in I don’t know how many years. Can I tell you how much I’m yearning for the feeling of waking up Christmas Eve morning to the realization that I’ve got 12 days off? No, but I can tell you I grinned when I just typed that. :)

Have a fucking awesome weekend. Me, nothing big on the books. Tree-decorating on Saturday night, brunch Sunday, and that’s the extent of it for me. Just enough to keep me in the game. With that, it’s 5:41am and work soon looms. Later, kids.

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