Hi & Sugasm 155

I’m getting a massage in the afternoon tomorrow, as I finish at 3 (after starting at a disgusting 7). I think it’s a pinot noir night, and a barbecued hamburger, as I get my place a little bit put back together after Christmas.

I need it more than I can convey. I’ve been lifting weights and doing weight-resistant exercises for 2 weeks now, and I hurt everywhere. The toning on my shoulders is awesome. But it hurts. :P

This weekend, I have the whole dad-in-hospital thing to deal with still. Sigh. Still in intensive care. Bah. Doing well. Just… intensively, I guess. Que sera sera. Jesus.

But how am I, you ask? I’m well. I’m tired. Beat. Workin’ hard. Exercising daily. Eating better. Happy the snow is melting. Onward, upward. (Have some awesome pictures I’ll have to share when they’re finally uploaded.)

Happy Friday, minions.

And here’s a Sugasm to catch up on:

This Week’s Picks
I’m kind of … insatiable.
“She’s gasping already. Each breath a moan, each touch connected to the noises she makes.”

The most spankable day of the year
“And for spankos, they are a high holy day to be approached with all the reverence and gaiety of a Pagan-cum Christian holiday.”

Private club
“It’s that kind of club – the kind you have to know about, the kind that doesn’t even have a name.”

Sugasm Editor
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I Wonder

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