The Start of Something Good

My plan is coming together.

Like last year, the first thing I’m doing is in-depth trying to get my home back under control.

My place has been under siege from cockroaches for a while. I’m winning, but I know they’re still around. I’ve been living in chaos because of it, though. For instance, since the start of November my dishes have all been in a Rubbermaid container on the floor. That contributed so much ambiance at Christmas. And while I tried to get organized after the back injury before the holidays, well, the holidays undid it all.

This weekend I got started, finally, on the steps I need to take to make home feel like home again. My dishes were brilliantly switched and I now keep them in my 1820s china cabinet instead of the kitchen, and that frees upn a huge section of kitchen shelves, and suddenly I have SPACE in my kitchen for the first time ever. Still not done in there, but it’s an incredible start. There’ll also be all the other in-depth stuff that is all about righting my place in the universe.

I did this last year — organized all my drawers and cupboards, got rid of unneeded things, and essentially visibly got my life sorted out — and then, when I got going on the weight loss and changing my world and all, I didn’t have that many distractions.

At the same time, though, I’m making huge batches of meals so I can freeze tons of food and both be healthy but also keep costs down in the post-Christmas budget-blues period. My freezer’s slowly filling with soups and healthy pasta sauces.

And, then, starting tomorrow is supposed to be two weeks of above-average temperatures with sunshine. Wednesday I take my bike to work for the first time in four months. I’ll be avoiding the worst of the hills and doing an easier route aided by throwing my bike on a bus for a bit, but that’s standard operating procedure for the first ride of the year, especially considering I’m still coming off one of my Worst Injuries Ever after blowing out my back in October.

But last year I never started cycling until the end of February, which was my earliest start ever. And I lost 60 pounds. Can you imagine what this year’s gonna be like if I attack it even harder? [insert shit-eating proud grin here]

Another week or two of disappearing from the world and Getting Shit Done, and I’ll be ready to conquer the world and lose my other 60 pounds.

By the way, those wondering about my father: He’s getting better. Still in the hospital. Out of ICU. Sounds great. My back was acting up this weekend, so I’ve stayed home, but we spoke about 2-3 hours on the phone. He’ll live another day. Now he needs to change completely in order to stay alive another year. So, we’ll see.

But I know what I need to do to get healthy. I know what I need to do. And I’m-a doin’ it.

Here’s lookin’ at making this year my bitch and winning it all. :)

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