A Break From the Frou-Frou Love-Thyself Shit

Let’s all embrace pettiness for a little bit before we continue the mad march to being better people. I know we’re all pissed we return to work tomorrow. Embrace it! Enjoy this little weird Twitter clash from last week.

So, the night before New Year’s Eve, I was up, unable to sleep, hanging on Twitter. Chatter had broke out about Rush Limbaugh. I aired my stance, that I just didn’t give a fuck if Rush Limbaugh died. This isn’t the same as “DIE, FUCKER, DIE!” It’s more, “You know what? He’s an asshole. He tries to divide the world. From that standpoint, his absence wouldn’t be a bad thing. In real life, maybe he’s a good guy. So, ahh, whatever.”

But this NUTBAG right-wing chick jumps on me, starts saying all this weird shit. (I identify her as insane first, right-wing second.)

I know a lot of people like screen shots of Twitter fights, but I don’t want to be dealing with fallout from this shit ad nauseum, so I refuse to tell you her Twitter handle or show you her avatar. Fuck her if she wants to be 12 and prolong this. I’m done with this 12-year-old shit, but I’m sharing.

My EXACT tweet that started all this?

Rush Limbaugh: It might be “classless” to not care how he’s doing, but he’s made his life from dividing people & inspiring loathing. Tough.

After this initial comment, this exchange unfolded, and if she doesn’t make sense, this IS complete context, so, you understand how I might’ve been so confused. (Multiple tweets by same person just shown via line break):

HER:  I hope your last tweet makes you rethink you and your families eternity…
ME:  Not really, because my friends and family don’t try to drive my country apart nor inspire hatred against others.
HER:  So you are saying mine do? Since my daddy died 10 days ago and my husband 10 months ago it’s hard for me to get that….
ME:  Uh, no, Limbaugh did. Don’t go twisting shit. My problem’s with Limbaugh. Looking for an argument, look elsewhere.
HER:  And even if you don’t understand it, I hope you never have to feel it-but you will one day,and then? Politics mean nothing….
ME:  I’ve had people die on me, sorry for yours, but NONE OF THEM inspired hatred in others or spent life trying to create unrest.
HER:  Geezus I’m not talkimg about Limbaugh or anyone else I was just striking up a convo…..so much for tolerance I guess.
ME:  I was talking about Rush Limbaugh — who’s the anti-tolerance poster-boy — and you weighed in on that tweet, so, yes, we were.
Otherwise you’re weighing in on topics you don’t know about, and shouldn’t be surprised when it goes sideways.
HER:  OK so I am not allowed to have my opinion ?? LOVE your open dialogue ! GO LIBERALS !!!
ME:  You’re allowed your opinion but you waded into my discussion, then you said you weren’t talking about Limbaugh, when I was.
So I don’t know what YOU want to have an opinion on, since clearly we’re NOT talking about the same things, but that pretty much…
…negates my desire to have this little chat, since where I come from, a chat has to START on the same topic to have any point.
HER:  But I was talking about Rush !! I don’t now any other Rush’s !
ME:  YOU SAID “I’m not talkimg about Limbaugh or anyone else I was just striking up a convo..”. I’m QUOTING YOU. Not INTERESTED.
I’m sorry you’ve had losses or whatever, but I’m not interested in this dramatic discussion you want with me. Good luck, goodbye.

At THIS point, I blocked her.

That didn’t stop HER from continuing, though…

HER (publicly): Got to love the tolerance that @smuttysteff is displaying-hope her political and personal views bring her peace in 2010
HER (to me again): I can only hope you have -5 the losses I have had in 2009.And I wish your candidate and your family well. And you.
HER (to me again): Even though you are blocking me , here’s to an OPEN MIND…. and claiming to be a liberal open to new ideas…
HER (publicly): Even though@smuttysteff is “friends” of some of my twitter friends and wished nasty things upon me?I wish her well in 2010. Hope she is ok.
HER (publicly): I hope everyone has a great 2010 especially @smuttysteff who I hope has a year filled with the love and tolerance she believes in. : )


HER (to friend):  I also pity the people whose name sounds like “smuttysteff” who has to put a paypal button on her site for a new pc….LOL …
she may as well well go grab a pole and be all @smuttysteff and the kids whoring it out for WIndows 7 ,,,, get it girl

Her FINAL thing?

She donates TWO CENTS to me via my PayPal account. Funny, actually, but it doesn’t make her less of a cunt, in my eyes — just proves she’s as much of one as I thought.

She can’t win on ideas, but she can make petty insults after the fact and doesn’t know how to let things go. Very Christian, indeed.

That was the final straw and I emailed her what I really thought, which I share with you now:

You donate 2 cents because you’re debating with someone? You claim you’re a Christian, yet you elaborately hatch these little schemes to rub another person’s face in it?

You’re a fucking hypocrite. Grow up.

I don’t give a shit how “tough” a year you’ve had — you act from a cold and cruel place.

I may swear and be confrontational, but I’m a better person than you will EVER be, you petty little unChristian fuck.

And, that, my friends, is what happens on Twitter on full moons. I thought you’d get a giggle out of the whole sordid fucking mess. :)

In the end, we win. And I’m two cents up on da bitch. Score!

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