Praying for Egypt

As I write this, the Al Jazeera live blog is reporting that the Army has told protesters in Tarihr Square that they will not go against civilians. Hundreds of judges are now reported to have joined the protests. Curfews are being ignored. Jets overhead are being ignored.

I’m a child of the ’70s and grew up during plane hijackings in an era of war in the Middle East. In my lifetime, that region has always been a problem… from assassinations to oppression, and now the home of terrorism.

This dream of seeing dictators overthrown and new eras come to life is something one holds inside when they love journalism and politics, something we dream of seeing once in a lifetime.

When the East German Wall came down, down came the Communist regime throughout Europe.

Is this Egypt’s wall? Is this the toppling domino that unseats Middle Eastern dictators en masse?

In an era when it almost feels like there’s less hope than ever for civilians, this protest in Egypt makes my heart sing.  I’m so full of hope and prayers.

This could be the week that changes everything. It really could be.

If you’re not following what’s happening in Egypt, you’re missing out on what might be history happening… possibly the real start of real change in the Middle East.

Pray for Egypt. Pray for change.

A woman in Beirut supports the Egyptian struggles.

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