Oh, The Hypocrisy

It’s strange how hypocritical and blind people can become to their own actions.

It’s also weird how it’s things like the launch of a new social site that can spur them on to being their worst person.

This time, I speak of the recent embiggening of the fledging social network Ello.

The short of it is this: Social network launches, pledging to not treat people like sheep and that they’ll never fall into the marketers’ hands a la Twitter and Facebook. Now I’m skeptic and doubt all that is legit, but I don’t really care. I just want a place today that isn’t what the others are becoming. And if I’m in on the ground floor, maybe I can be a part of the force for good to keep it what it begins as.

Well, enter your naysayers.

You know, it’s fine to not like it. It’s fine to disagree with the premise. But to insult anyone who’s liking it? To slam them as trend-fuckers or whatever you want to call them, that’s just not cool.

What’s funny about this is I see some people I’m almost sure were bullied in school and now they’re the ones insulting other people, putting it down, deriding all the users as hip losers who have no soul or depth. (Albeit I’d like it to be a little less white, more diverse, but it’s early days, man.)

My jaw drops at the hypocrisy. It’s so toxic to have those attitudes. Go ahead, don’t like the site. Question its ethos, diss its design, but don’t be such an asshole that you’re painting everyone party to it with the same brush. Ironically, most of the people I know who insult hipsters are the ones who seem to try hardest to be in with the cool kids.

Fact is, I’m beyond tired of the petty fuckery that happens when people dismiss entire groups out of hand.

When I see people saying things like these, behaving like this, I’m not interested in knowing them. Period.

People have realize the things they say about others tend to speak most loudly about themselves.

I try to speak my mind and be blunt but I also try to be fair and not slam entire collectives. This hasn’t always been true. I was once far angrier, more petty, and more judgey. I’m glad I’ve turned the corner on that, for the most part, because it really makes me vomit in my mouth a bit when I want or hear others doing it.

And, yes, I’ve called even my best friends on comments like these at times, which can cause an awkward pause in the evening, but at least I’m being consistent across the board.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t be a bully. Have opinions that don’t require flat-out insulting others.

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