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My Content Isn’t Changing, So…

I’m moving. I’m PMSing. And my threshold is low. So, I wrote this.

Tell ya, the “strong personality” thing gets to be a drag on Twitter when the passive-aggressive types get all offended by some thing I’ve said. Then they start a series of little digs on things I’ve said, little cuts. This has happened several times now.

Look. My moniker is SmuttySteff, my Twitter bio has said forever that I’m often offensive, and my blog’s called Cunting Linguist. You know what I’m not about? Rainbows and unicorns, sunshine and puppies. I expect people to get offended, and to be adult about it and just walk away.

I’m not here to please everyone, and I’ve never pretended that I want to make the world happy, either. I know I’m an acquired taste, and I typically don’t apologize for it. I’m snarky and full of zest.

This made me laugh. RIP, Arnold.

Life’s all about finding people who accept us for who we are. I have zero intention of changing myself to meet the approval of people who are already expressing disapproval with me.

Like doing that makes any fucking sense at all? That’s like going out with someone who wants you to change your hair, and your clothes, and your job. No, man. We don’t do that.

Don’t like me? Go. I’m fine with that. Just don’t think I care enough to hear why, most of the time.* I won’t change myself anyhow, so don’t tell me what you don’t like. This is social media, not friendship. We go where we get something out of it. If we’re not getting something out of it, we leave. Pretty simple. Oddly, I get a lot of people who still seem to like what I say. That’s groovy.

But, inevitably, I supposedly say something SO offensive it has to be called out by this “type” of person. The issue doesn’t matter, because it’s just more of the irreverent approach I take to talking about everything. Just because it’s suddenly a topic close to someone’s heart doesn’t mean I’m suddenly More Bad. They’re just taking it personally. Big difference. I’m being consistent, so I don’t see the problem.

These passive-aggressive nitpicky types eventually unfollow, but there’s always some kind of huff about it. Again it’s happened, but this time I just decided to not take the passive-aggressive shit and blocked them. So far, they’ve called me “insane” and “mean.”


Nowhere in the Internetz For Dummiez guide does it say any of us needs to put up with the others’ shit. Don’t like someone’s content? Don’t get all petty and argumentative. Just unfollow and walk away. When I had 400 followers, I was a lot more tolerant of things said. With a few thousand now, though, I hear more crap and my threshold’s far lower.

You seriously think I need to sit there and listen when someone’s getting all passive-aggressive on me because they’re not digging my content?

How low of self-esteem is it that you think I have, there, person? I don’t think so.

We’re not in grade school. Behaving like children is unnecessary.

Despite the name-calling that’s ensued after I blocked this person, I’ll still be employing block in the future as a proactive deal. Because I’m an insane mean bitch and that’s just how I roll.

Life’s too short to willingly listen to people who cut me down. Go find another doormat.

*I know there are a lot of reasons I get unfollowed, and most don’t have to do with me being evil, but rather that I’m ranty, or tweet about irrelevant things, or I’m not a marketer, or… etc. It’s all good. Go where thy tweety heart is fondest. I get it.