A Stupid “Political” Comment and My Not-So-Restrained Retort

So, I’m a shit-disturber. I usually put a muzzle on to keep the firepower to a minimum, but, fuck, that’s just not fun anymore. I figure I have more fun being a loose cannon and if that loses me a few readers but tickles the rest, then so be it.

After all, Dr. Seuss said it the best: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

That said, pertaining to my rant on Sarah Palin, a reader decided to leave this brilliant comment:

James, Posted October 14, 2008 at 5:53 pm

Barack Hussein Obama is scary.

Its not just Jeremiah Wright a hate monger, its not just Tony Rezko a convicted criminal, its not just Bill Ayers a terrorist… …its that time and time again Obama just says “oh, I didn’t realize that” and Americans are just suppose to accept that?? Does Obama have poor judgment or is he a liar??

What exactly is Obama’s Black Liberation Theology that he has been learning for over 20 years http://tinyurl.com/3g57fb

Well, I decided to inform James Ignorant Twit of just how much a goof he is for thinking it’s positing any kind of an argument. And that clip? At least I know when shit’s propaganda, dude.

Anyhow. My “comment” back to James wound up being a semi-inspired rant and turned into a lengthy post in its own right, and why make you work and go find it? I’ll share it here.

You should really read the Palin rant first and get in the mood if you haven’t yet. And if you liked that, you’ll love this. If you hated the Palin rant, well, sorry, sugar… you’re in for a long fucking three weeks.

My “comment” back to James, then, without much more ado (albeit I edited a couple of lines, heh heh):


THAT’s your source, JAMES? Are you fucking KIDDING me?

Read a newspaper! Read real news sources! Don’t watch some fucking propaganda from some questionable source and tell me that’s credible. COME ON. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Jeremiah Wright’s lost his fucking nut and has caused Obama to walk away from the church. His radical comments have been in the last couple of years, not throughout his career. He was a highly decorated preacher for a long time before he became a fundamentalist fuckhead.

Tony Rezko is as much of a criminal as fucking Charles Keating is, but Obama was never found to have been in the wrong as far as dealing with Rezko is concerned; he never received anything directly, and anything he did receive, he gave back. Unlike McCain, who was INVESTIGATED by a committee for wrongdoing, and while not found guilty, he was reprimanded for conflict of interest and dubious behaviour. Naturally, he repaid all the more than $125,000 in “gifts” he got from Keating, whom he benefited by voting in his favour ON POLICY while in office, but he couldn’t repay all the vacations Keating took him on with his family. McCain VACATIONED with his criminal buddy. Obama can’t claim that distinction. Oh, and Cindy McCain has invested more than half-a-mill in a Keating enterprise. Oops!

As for Bill Ayers, yeah, Obama was EIGHT when those crimes occured and he was on a COMMITTEE with Ayers along with a number of other notable local people, including significant local politicians. It was a NON-PROFIT EDUCATION COMMITTEE (the Chicago Annenberg Challenge) that just, like, GAVE money to schools. WHAT? Socialist motherfuckers! Ooh, whatever will the evil long-ago terrorist think of next? Volunteering at the food bank?

This is ALL McCain’s got against Obama — this is IT. So, yeah, he bangs that fucking drum. LEARN something about these bullshit stories fed to you on a spoonful of sugary lies. READ something from an unbiased source. LOCATE facts. It’s not hard. I do it. You can too, Grasshopper. Until then, I’ll set you fuckin’ straight. Keep readin’.

Unlike McCain, OBAMA has a financial plan. He’s got Warren Buffet advising him, while McCain’s getting advice from Phil Gramm who’s the fucking mastermind of all the deregulation that’s gotten the United States into the pickle it’s in.

Come back to me when you have a real fucking argument documented with REAL facts instead of some goddamned propaganda newsreel made by hacks who are waving their politics rather than using their brains.

Don’t tell me McCain’s squeaky clean. He only pushes his fucking ethics now because he knows how much he’s lost them before. He hired the team that DESTROYED him and massacred his daughter in his last campaign, and you want to suggest this guy’s all about integrity? He hired the most dubious, unethical campaign running teams in the business. He flipflops on EVERY issue. The economy’s strong! The economy’s cratering! He’ll govern according to the wind’s direction!

The guy’s not a politician, he’s a motherfucking windsock.

Obama scares you because he uses big words. Should I type slower?

PS: I hate bigoted fuckheads who think a middle name like “Hussein”, held by hundreds of thousands of men of OTHER ethnic origin around the world means he’s automatically a terrorist. Fucking open your mind. Jesus. Is your neck red or something?

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