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When Writers Stop Writing

I feel like a fraud. A zombie Steff in a fake world. I haven’t been writing. Haven’t had it in me. I’m on auto-pilot. Wake, skate through life, meet required time obligations, get the 40 hours of work in per week, plus the paid blogging, plus the client stuff, plus the rehab back appointments, plus… plus… […]
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Of a Girl and Her Overfilled PVR

Moving means lots of change. Like, cable providers. The good news is: My new apartment building comes with free extended cable TV. The bad news is: It means I have to cancel my Telus Optik contract and turn in my PVR. Unfortunately, my PVR is jam-packed with programming I’ve not yet watched. Just now, I was […]
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Overbooking Ourselves To Death

Every now and then I hit this mode of sheer panic. It’s that crushing realization that I have a virgin’s chance in hell of surviving my scheduled week. Not a chance. Well, a slim chance if the wind’s at my back, the cosmos aligns, and the sea parts before me. Then, maybe. Somehow we always get it […]
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Why I Love My ADHD

I’m going to be writing more about ADHD over the next while. I started last week with this posting here. Seems to me too many people are all shame-filled about their ADHD. What the fuck is that about? Here, take your stereotypes and shove it. Know what my ADHD doesn’t make me do? It doesn’t make […]
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In Which Steff Talks About Her ADHD

I found out last Friday that my company’s letting us work from home when the Winter Olympics rolls into town in a couple weeks. My office is in the thick of Olympics Central in downtown Vancouver, between the major “live event” locations and all the sports stadiums. I was already having panic attacks about getting […]
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RANT: Guilt-Tripping: What Friends Don’t Do

I had a classic big ol’ Twitter fight with an insensitive fuckwit last night, who I haven’t blocked because I’m not in Grade 5 anymore, but it basically came down to me saying, “No, I’m not coming out because I need some time to myself.” Long story short: I’ve been up at 5 the last […]
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