Sex & Food: Together Again?

I’m a foodie. Yes, I am.
And I got to tell ya, he prospect of regular sex has begun to loom, and this excites me considerably. Sets me all a-flutter, truth be told. But, you know, for all those strenuous hours of fun that potentially loom, one requires fuel. Enter food.
So I’m not sure what excites me more at this point — the prospect of regular sex, or the possibility of having someone to cook for again.
I’m a sensualist in every way. For example, my apartment is great and comfortable and is geared to stimulate every sense and look good whilst doing it. Loves me some music and candles. My food tastes run from down-home to exotic. I have a sophisticated palate, technical skill, and can invent food on a whim that’d blow your mind. I came damn close to going to culinary school back in the day but realized I didn’t want to work THAT hard for a living.
I’m also a Slow Food fan. I believe life moves quickly, and that food is important to us. I think we lose soul when we stop valuing food. I think we lose passion when we stop eating things that excite us.
I love the notion of Slow in all aspects of life — from sex to food to living. I’m present here and now in all areas of my life. I want my food to be of my time, I want to eat fresher, eat more clean food that I know I’ve prepared from scratch. I want local produce, quality meats and fish. I want artisan treats. That’s Slow.
But… when I’m single for too long, then a nice meal becomes the exception. I take shortcuts. I embrace things like Hamburger Helper and Sidekicks or sandwiches/panini or soups I eat for six days. I mean, it’s flavourful-functional, at best.
When I’m involved, however, I’m both a sensualist and a show-off. Perhaps a Moroccan chicken pie with organic greens? Maybe risotto and lamb? And while the lover of mine gets to enjoy the dividends… my life is richer for it, too.
Even better yet is when said lover is similarly a skilled foodie, because then we can tool around in the kitchen and spend the night nibbling fantastic things along with each other, and savouring good drinks. My god, does that titillate me.
There is absolutely nothing in the world I enjoy better than staying home with a lover and locking the door for a weekend, cooking fantastic food at lazy intervals between real-frequent and varied sex, napping when necessary, and catching up on movies during meals and lulls. The original rinse-and-repeat experience. And repeat, and repeat.
With the right company? Fuck, there’s no better time to be had. At home, anyhow. It’s the poor person’s vacation.
People who don’t think sex and food are intricately linked… y’all are doin’ it wrong.
It’s not a matter of taste. You’re just wrong. Flat-out. Inarguable.
(Sex + food) is like (peanut butter + chocolate). It seems like it’s always been a winning combination, and always will be.
Whether it’s Cleopatra feeding Anthony grapes from a silver platter in ancient Egypt, Adam enticing Eve with an apple, or you slipping your lover chocolate-dipped strawberries in the here and now with a champagne kicker, food hits a different kind of erogenous zone, but it hits, baby.
Besides, it’s fuel. Fill me up and watch me go-go. Sigh. Oh, the possibilities.


*PS: Yes, I’ve lost about 50 pounds. I don’t feel like I’ve been dieting. I work out a lot. I could lose more weight faster by eating less and pretending cheese and alcohol don’t exist. But why would I do that? Fucking hell. Diets are for people who like to take pain. Just silly. Instead, make healthier choices and be aware of calories burned v taken in. Simple. I’m better at math than I thought. πŸ™‚
If it takes me another year to lose the other 50 pounds (this 50 took 8 months) but I’m eating cheese, pizza, sausages, and drinking booze regularly, then fucking A. All the power to me. I’d much rather health-fully indulge (my choices are better and when I do go off the hook, it’s in moderation) and feel like I’m alive than feel like I’m cutting myself off from life with deprivation. I don’t do deprivation well. So, eat? I will. Might even have seconds. But I’ll deal with it the next day. See? Work ethic! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Sex & Food: Together Again?

  1. Cynthia

    I think it’s easier to lose weight if you love to cook. That way you can have more flavor for the same amount of calories than someone who has to rely on diet frozen dinners.

  2. C.J. Strata

    “People who don’t think sex and food are intricately linked… y’all are doin’ it wrong.”

    I disagree! =O

    Sorta. =P I won’t deny there’s something of a connection, but with most everything, it’s more important to some than it is to others. In my book.

  3. a

    i’m like you. a foodie that came close to becoming a chef, and i am a sensualist in every sense of the word as well. there’s something to be said for the “staycation” with the right foodie. this is also when being able to differentiate between subtle flavours comes in too.

  4. Scribe Called Steff

    Cynthia — Yes, because those frozen dindins suck shit as much as they’re unfulfilling.

    CJ — It’s not about “important” — it’s about sensually heightening the experience by bringing in more factors that titillate more nerve-endings.

    And people who don’t get that, who don’t use that, well, I don’t get them. And I don’t see that opinion changing. But I said I thought this was inarguable and you commented anyhow, so don’t expect me to go “Oh, okay.” πŸ˜›

    A — Absosmurfly. πŸ™‚

  5. Scribe Called Steff

    BTW, CJ — You said in your last comment that you’ve never actually been with a woman.

    How about you wait until that’s come to be before you decide what’s “important” in sex? Closing your mind before you experience shit’s a silly thing to do.

    Besides, odds are that my speaking from experience might trump your preconceptions, no?

  6. C.J. Strata

    It is indeed a silly thing to do. Good thing I was trying to be silly in the first place. πŸ˜‰

    To take the discussion a tad more seriously, it may be it’s a gender thing: Females have that whole-body stimulation thing going on, so the idea of appealing to multiple senses may sit better with you. Which is not to say males are only focused on a single area, but to use your own words (from somewhere, I don’t remember specifically), for ladies, “the whole body is an erogenous zone.” Think that’s how it went.

    *shrugs* But I could be wrong.

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