Quickie: State of the Steff

I’m on the verge of eggs and toast. This is my exciting life.
I just wanted to pop in though, say boo to some of my favourite readers, and just letcha all know that it might be a day or two before I’m firing on all cylinders. This blog’s a total snapshot of my mental processing and parts of my life, it happens on my whim. I don’t write postings in advance, or plan for things, or scheme.
It’s all whatever feels right. It’s kind of the hedonistic approach to blogging, as opposed to what I suspect is, um, much more orchestrated with other “serious” bloggers. I just don’t roll that way. Wish I could. I’d accomplish more.
But life isn’t about this blog right now. And it honestly hasn’t been for the last two years.
Life is about me becoming pain-free, strong, fit, and powerful. And then maybe the small matter of becoming Supreme Ruler of the Known Universes, but that can wait a bit.
So, priority one this week is to fucking kill this new fitness routine assigned by my new kinesiologist. I’m less than 24 hours after the first round of it, and I’m stunned that there’s this new feeling of solidity down in my vulnerable right sacroiliac joint. Amazing!
But there’s an awful lot of wincing with abdominal movement, and I still got two more sets to get done tonight while I catch the big hockey game.
I become a bit machine-like in my focus on these things, especially when I prioritize them above things like, say, the blog.
I’m not saying I won’t be writing. I’m just saying that if a few days goes by, don’t panic. Check in on me at Twitter, and see what I’m up to. But, creatively? I’m starting to feel on fire. I doubt I’ll be away long.
Let’s hope this routine’s an easier transition than I’m bracing myself for it to be. Either way? Stoked. Totally stoked. Let’s have change, baby.