Manufacturing Self

Should be rushing out the door, instead I found myself trying on a variety of clothes.
Tonight, the wardrobe-beefing-up continues with a visit to yet another couple department stores. Old Navy and its ilk can wait till the weekend sometime.
I’m still trying to figure out my new image, and new styles I can now wear that I never could before. For instance, did you know I had a waist? I certainly didn’t. I’m getting all hourglassy. The born-again Christians should try their shit on me now, ‘cos right this minute I’m a fuckin’ believer, baby.
And I was able to wear a pencil skirt just now that I’d bought as a “goal”, and can I say something I’ve never said about a skirt on me? Hawt. I love it. Must have a date. It deserves some notice. Especially now that I just had the epiphany realization last night that the varicose veins that popped up on my leg last spring & shattered my leggy self-esteem have now magically vanished. Behold, the power of diet an exercise — and behold its end result, too: Sexy legs. Rawr.
The great thing about assembling a style is, you never know what you’re really gonna look or feel like until you come out on the other side. Reinvention. Fuck, it’s awesome.
‘Cos, you know, I loves a surprise. And dessert. Somehow, this is both.

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