RetroSteff: Why 40% of Women Don't Masturbate

When this blog first began, for its first year or so, it was all sex or relationships that I was writing about. Most of the time, anyhow, as I kept my “personal” writing on another blog. Somewhere along the way, I gave up separating the two.
But as I’m getting into writing my book, something’s got to give. As I said yesterday, I’m pretty sure y’all ain’t read my 4,000 postings on my two blogs, so I’m going to use this opportunity to help you find the ones worth reading on the days when I ain’t got time to write.
I figure that, you know, in a smirky tip of the hat to my efforts, I should at least make the first retro posting about masturbation and self-love.
Here’s one of the postings that caused one of the biggest discussions this blog has caused — on why an almost-majority of women don’t masturbate, or didn’t the last time stats were taken.
I think it says most of what I want it to say, even four years later. What I’d add now is, things seem to slowly be changing. Women ARE taking more control over their sexuality. Maybe in 10 or 15 years we’ll laugh about how silly women used to be. For now, though, the girls who OWN their vibrators or ‘fess up to a little self-love are still the ones who seem like rebels.
I give you: Why 40% of Women Don’t Masturbate. Feel free to comment here OR on the original post; I’ll see both. The original post has a great comment discussion from the last few years, though.