RIP, Isabelle Caro. Damn you, Anorexia.

Isabelle Caro passed away a month ago, but it’s only being reported now.
You likely know her… she’s become the face of what we perceive anorexia as. Here’s a disturbing photo array.
I want us to remember her for her bravery in speaking out against an industry that virtually encourages anorexia, even now. Remember her for the struggle she waged and her ability to be profoundly public in her vulnerability.
Most of all, I want us to remember that there was no motherfucking reason a beautiful woman like she once was should be dead before 30. And why? Because she was pressured to keep her weight at an unrealistic level.
Sure, the fashion industry has stopped using quite as thin models, but let’s not kid ourselves — we still expect women to be thin to be beautiful, because Vogue and Cosmo and FHM and every other magazine insists on perpetuating that image.
Whether it’s hearing about a 13-year-old who’s gone temporarily blind from dehydration and starvation, because she doesn’t want to be “fat” like her mother (like a contestant on The Biggest Loser), or an amazingly beautiful woman who dies because she simply won’t eat, we need to accept that we’re fucked up as a society when it comes to food.
From morbidly obese citizens to deathly-thin models, what the hell are we thinking?
What happened to just living normally?
As the diet ads fire up and the media obsesses about “taking off that holiday weight”, remember that loving ourselves might be the first step to improving, as we decide we’re worth the effort and time it takes to live a reasonable life.
Remember that self-hate and loathing of one’s actions are what drives the extremes we see killing our obese family members and even beautiful women like this — or Brittany Murphy.
Dieting is dangerous. Instead, live more accountably.
RIP, Isabelle Caro. We hardly knew ye. Thank you for your bravery.

2 thoughts on “RIP, Isabelle Caro. Damn you, Anorexia.

  1. Zoeyjane

    Small FYI – Brittany Murphy’s weight loss and her subsequent death weren’t relating to anorexia. The weight loss came about from her heart condition, for which she was on medication (that led to her early death from the mold her and her husband had growing in their shower via immune suppression).
    That being said, this is exactly why I’ve started making huge strides to be outspoken about being a skinny bitch and how unhealthy I had to be to get here, and how much loathing it took. And how I’m not playing that game, any more because it’s SO not worth it. I almost didn’t get to have Zoë. I almost died three times. I have a heart condition. I have organ function issues.
    It’s gotten me nothing but scorn, whispered comments, concerned friends and an apparently ideal body. Psht. Happiness is worth so much more.

  2. Sherri

    My boyfriend gave me a book titled “Hungry” for Christmas- its about a young model who practically starves herself to get into the modelling industry and how finally, by the age of 17 (my god!) she allowed her body to be the size it wanted to be and has become a very sought after plus size (at size 12!!) model. The author is Crystal Renn and its really worth the read!
    BTW- I’ve been a reader for many many years- I’m from the island!

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